Riot is changing League of Legends’ jungle yet again in Season 11

Riot Games

The jungle is Riot’s favorite punching bag when it comes to every pre-season. If junglers thought they were going to get through unscathed in Season 11 however, they’ll be sorely mistaken. Riot is changing it up once again to “help newer players learn” the role.

Season 11’s changes are predominantly focused on the in-game item shop. Boris is upgrading his list of wares after years of selling the same goods, with over half of League’s items being either reworked, or removed entirely and replaced.

While this update will affect junglers with new items they’ll start off with, there’s more changes yet coming to the pre-season punching bag of Riot.

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Karthus in League of LegendsRiot Games
Junglers like Karthus are going to be most affected by these Season 11 changes.

Every season the jungle in some way always gets changed. Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter did preface this jungle update by saying Riot were only “doing very light changes.”

However, they have three clear goals in mind: increase pathing diversity, reduce the power of kiting, and help new players learn the role.

To increase path diversity, Riot are unifying resistances across all camps. Each jungle monster will have 20 armor and magic resist, scaling with level, as well as have their health adjusted.

Most monsters previously had very little resistances, or negative resistances, allowing champions to do more than true damage. This change will make true damage abilities more relevant in jungle clears. It’ll also likely increase the time it takes to do a full clear.

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Riot are also better visualizing “unique aspects” of certain jungle camps to help new players understand them.

They are making small Krugs more worth the time to clear by increasing their XP and gold value over medium Krugs. Gromp will no longer have the attack speed burst at the start of its clear. Also, the scuttle crab will now have a 60% maximum health shield that can be removed on CC.

Finally, League devs are increasing the movement speed of jungle camps to reduce the power of kiting. This will be a big nerf to squishier junglers like Karthus, who have relied on good kiting to get through their clears.

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These changes are all tentative for now as pre-season 11 approaches. There’s still room for tweaks before this becomes the norm players will have to become accustomed to for the 2021 season.

Pre-season 11 goes live on League’s PBE on September 30 for six weeks of testing. The changes will be shipped to live in early November.