Riot reveal release plans for new games – TFT mobile, Wild Rift, more

Joe O'Brien

Riot Games have given an update on when players can expect to get their hands on the various new games the company is working on.

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As part of the 10-year anniversary celebrations for League of Legends, Riot announced a variety of upcoming projects that included multiple new titles – finally putting to rest the “Riot Game” meme, with fans in the past often joking that the company had not yet earned the ‘s’ at the end of their name.

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The big question for fans now, of course, is when they’ll actually be able to play any of these new games. In a recent Q&A, Riot outlined their plans in this regard for the various games they’re working on.

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While precise information about the launch for various games is still limited, none have an exact release date yet, and in some cases there isn’t even an official estimate on the time-frame. Here’s everything we know so far about when you’ll be able to play the new games.

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Teamfight Tactics mobile

While not technically a brand-new game, Teamfight Tactics is still relatively young and soon fans will be able to play on the go from their mobile devices. TFT mobile will be exactly the same game – you’ll use the same account, and keep progression regardless of which platform you’re on.

This seems likely to be the first of Riot’s projects to achieve a full launch, with the game expected to roll out for Android and iOS in “early 2020”. The launch will start in just a few countries, which have yet to be specified, before expanding.

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Riot GamesTeamfight Tactics is coming to mobile in early 2020.

Legends of Runeterra

While TFT mobile might be the first to reach full release, players have already had a chance to try out Riot’s first all-new title, digital card game Legends of Runeterra, and another opportunity is approaching on November 15-20.

After that, Riot are planning a closed beta in early 2020, but the full launch won’t be until later in the year – exactly when remains to be seen. The game will launch for both PC and mobile at the same time.

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Riot GamesLegends of Runeterra.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Another mobile port, Wild Rift will finally offer League of Legends players the chance to play the game on the go. Unlike TFT mobile, Wild Rift is separate to the PC version of League of Legends, although it will feature the same champions, abilities and items as its original counterpart.

According to Riot, limited alphas and betas will be “coming soon” for certain countries, although exactly when those will be and how long they will last remain to be seen. Full launch for iOS and Android is expected in most regions by the end of 2020, with console coming later.

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Riot GamesLeague of Legends goes mobile with Wild Rift.

LoL Esports Manager

The League of Legends-based esports manager game will allow players to build and manage teams of professional LoL players. The game is due to launch first for China’s LPL in 2020, and expand for other regions and players later. An exact time-frame for this expansion has not yet been given.

Project A

Arguably the biggest announcement of the 10-year anniversary stream was for ‘Project A’, the first-person shooter that will mark Riot’s first move beyond the universe of League of Legends.

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While the Project A reveal did show off some gameplay – with the game seemingly aiming to blend the tactical approach and precise mechanics of Counter-Strike with character-based abilities – it seems it could still be some time before players actually get their hands on it. Riot only offered a single word on the matter: “Eventually.”

Riot GamesProject A will be Riot’s first game outside of the League of Legends universe.

Project L and Project F

Likewise, no details were offered regarding the other brand-new games Riot are working on, Projects L and F. Project L is a fighting game that fans got a glimpse of during the anniversary stream, while Project F is clouded in a bit more mystery – some have suggested it could be a Diablo-esque action RPG, while others speculate it could be a full-blown MMO.

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Regardless, fans will have to wait to hear more, as Riot have currently declined to commit to any sort of timeframe for either title.

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