League of Legends

New League of Legends champion teaser reportedly found via client bug

by Alan Bernal


A voice recording has been found in the League of Legends client that was thought to be a bug until a closer listen suggests it’s one of the first teasers for an upcoming champion.

We know of three characters coming out in 2020; the next one up is supposed to be a ‘dreamy’ jungler, then a masked assassin, and finally a marksman that will be combining blades and bullets for an aggressive playstyle.

Though at the moment, all eyes are squared on the new jungler and assassin as Riot have already revealed that players will be getting to “bond” with them in the 2020 summer event.


That process might have already started for some who have encountered a high-pitched, ghastly voice during the Champion Select screen.

A deep dive into the sound posted by ‘helmetboy15’ and tweaked by ‘Hoaxtopia’ showed how the strange voices in the client were too deliberate to be a simple sound bug.


“I enhanced the audio of the glitch people are reporting in the launcher, turns out it's teasing the new Jungler!” Hoaxtopia said.

This makes sense, considering it would be the perfect time for Riot to start the hype train for their next LoL entry. Although, this audio clip isn’t what a lot of people were expecting when they were eager to find out more of the new character that’s been teased with bubbly colors and dreamy descriptions.

The sound in the clip has been altered to let people hear the voice lines as clear as they could, but even that wasn’t much of an improvement from the high-pitched sounds from the original discovery.

Riot Games
The teaser for the upcoming jungler in League of Legends.


But even though the sound is near unintelligible, the production behind the unique sound bite has Hoaxtopia convinced the teaser was actually an intricate ploy from the devs to hype up the upcoming champ.

“The reason why I think this is a champion teaser is because the patch notes talking about the new Jungler contained jokes about being sent to sleep by them,” Hoaxtopia explained. “And this kind of subliminal messaging might suggest some kind of hypnosis champion which sends people to sleep.”

It won’t be long now until Riot reveals more about League of Legends’ 2020 Summer Event, so stay tuned for more details as soon as they get revealed.