Rekkles reportedly returning to Fnatic for LEC 2023

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Following a year with G2 and a year outside the LEC with Kcorp, Rekkles is reportedly making his return to the LEC on the team that he built his career with: Fnatic.

Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson is one of the most accomplished ADC players in the West. Through his 5 year run with Fnatic, Rekkles managed to bring the team a great deal of success both domestically and internationally.

Among his greatest achievements are being a Finalist at Worlds 2018, a Semifinalist at Worlds 2015, as well as several podium finishes, with almost every regular season run for this player ending with him being third place or better.

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But, after Fnatic got reverse-swept by Top Esports at Worlds 2020, he left the team and went to G2 for 2021.

Now, after spending 2 years on other teams, Rekkles will reportedly be flying the Fnatic banner once again for his return to the LEC in 2023

Rekkles reportedly returns to Fnatic for LEC 2023

A lot has happened for Rekkles since he left Fnatic for G2 in 2021. His run with the team was wasn’t bad by any means, but he wasn’t dominating the LEC. The iconic bot laner only took third place in the Spring Playoffs, and just narrowly missed Worlds in Summer 2021. He didn’t perform poorly, but he didn’t make G2 the best team in the world.

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In the end, this would lead to G2 benching him, and the beginning of contract buyout woes.

Rekkles had an in-depth discussion about his time with G2 and Kcorp on stream

And, according to Rekkles, he was only earning 6% of his salary after he got benched by G2. Knowing that he “had to leave G2”, he went to Kcorp after his contract buyout was lowered. His time on Kcorp had a bitter end, with him getting knocked out of the LFL Summer Playoffs early on.

Following his year in the LFL, Rekkles was debating a roleswap to support if it’d get him on a good LEC team. Now, early reports have indicated that Rekkles will be returning to Fnatic as their ADC.

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This news follows a saga of Rekkles’ personal accounts of his contract issues with G2. Along with the drastically reduced pay he discussed on stream, he also claimed that Kcorp had a buyout of their own placed on Rekkles contract.

He said that it’s “not as simple as just going to any team. I actually have multiple options again right now, but the buyout situation last year and the buyout situation now is a big problem for everything.”

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With Fnatic’s currently signed ADC, Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp, reporting that he’s been left without a team for 2023, it’s even more likely that Rekkles will be signed with the organization.

The list of teams with enough cash to take a risk on Rekkles and pay to buy him out of his contract isn’t a long one. But Fnatic is a team on that list, and, if these early reports come to fruition, it’d put this star ADC player right back on the team that he found so much success with.

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