Rekkles set to join T1 in shock move for LCK Challengers League

An image of Rekkles by FnaticFnatic

Carl Martin Erik “Rekkles” Larsson, one of the biggest names in the European League of Legends scene is reportedly joining the T1 academy team for the LCK Challengers League in 2024. He will be joining them as a support, a role that he has been practicing for the past year.

Rekkles is one of the biggest names in League of Legends. He has been part of the pro-scene for a long time and is one of the best ADCs that Europe has ever produced. However, he has been absent from the scene ever since the LEC 2023 Spring Split, where his return to Fnatic ended in disaster.

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It seems like Rekkles is ready to return to the professional scene once again, but not in Europe. According to a report by Sheep Esports, he will be joining the T1 academy team and playing in the LCK Challengers League in the upcoming season.

An image of Rekkles by Riot GamesRiot Games
Rekkles will join T1 Academy in 2024

Rekkles to play in LCK Challengers League as part of T1 Academy

Rekkles being part of T1 was something that nobody would have expected. However, the article by Sheep Esports suggests that Rekkles was spotted in the T1 facility during Worlds 2023. The article also suggests that Rekkles was scrimmaging with the T1 Academy team as support.

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Joining T1 at a time like this is undoubtedly huge for someone like Rekkles, even though it is the academy team. T1 recently won the League of Legends World Championship with Faker earning his fourth title.

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Therefore, the hype surrounding this organization is at its highest right now. Additionally, Rekkles is more than just a player, as he is a brand on his own. It is tough to predict how this entourage will go as Rekkles will be playing professionally as a support in a region that is vastly more competitive than Europe.

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However, it seems like a lot of European and Korean fans will be willing to invest time into the LCK Challengers League as Rekkles is a popular name amongst League of Legends veterans. In fact, T1 has a habit of promoting players from their academy to their main team.

It is highly unlikely, that T1 will replace Keria with Rekkles under any given condition, but if the performance in the Challengers team is good enough, he might be able to play as a sub for the main team in the future.

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