Popular League of Legends champions recreated by Nickelodeon animator

Alan Bernal
Fairly OddParent creator makes League of Legends characters

Former Nickelodeon artist and creator of beloved shows like The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman, gave his take on League of Legends champions going by only small snippets of description for each character.

The longtime animator isn’t quite familiar with the characters in Riot Games’ MOBA. He challenged himself to recreate the likes of Lux, Teemo, and more while going with a few lines of description from his crew.

As expected, this gave the League characters a brand new style that plenty of nostalgic fans could come to appreciate.

Starting off the endeavor, Hartman took on the crocodilian champ Renekton which the artist basically got down pat. The Ascended’s aggressive and hostile look was still intact during the process, but the charm of Hartman’s style gave him a much more approachable look.

Up next was Lux, who can be easily recognized by most of the League community. His take gave the mage a much more warrior-inspired design, something he likened to how she would look if she was a little bit older.

The artist for Fairly OddParents gave his own unique take to vicious characters like League’s Renekton.

Going with the information given to him, Yasuo came out looking like a traditional samurai that didn’t entirely miss the original design.

Hartman gave him a much more traditional take and it could have been almost on point if it wasn’t for the omission of his giant ponytail that expands to at least three times the size of the swordsman’s head.

If anything it looked much more like a young version of Yasuo before he became the renowned warrior that the League players are familiar with.

Finally, Hartman was tasked to recreate one of the game’s most popular Legends, Teemo. The iconic character was likened to Rocket Racoon from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy mixed with a “badger boy scout.”

Much to his credit, the animator perfectly sketched the idea given to him into existence although it needed a lot more “puffy” fur to start looking like the toxic yordle.

While some of the designs didn’t match up with the original League designs, his distinct style breathed new life into the classic look for the champions.

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