PapaSmithy confirmed to be FlyQuest President in 2023

PapaSmithy FlyQuest PresidentRiot Games

Following PapaSmithy’s departure from 100 Thieves after a 3 year tenure with the organization, early reports indicate that he’ll be headed to FlyQuest as the President and Chief Gaming Officer of the company.

Chris ‘PapaSmithy’ Smith has been in the League of Legends community for a long time. Ever since he moved on from being a caster, he’s taken that passion for the game and moved it to a new outlet: management.

His time as general manager for 100 Thieves brought the organization their very first domestic title in 2021, and he played a key role in helping develop talented players into a team that can consistently top the LCS.

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Now, after moving on from 100 Thieves, PapaSmithy is aiming even higher as the President and CGO (Chief Gaming Officer) at FlyQuest.

PapaSmithy reportedly taking over as FlyQuest President

Earlier in the 2022 off-season, FlyQuest got bought out by the Viola family, the owners of the Florida Panthers. Now, it’s been confirmed that PapaSmithy will be taking over as FlyQuest’s President.

Having the cash backing of the people who own Florida’s NHL team has given rise to speculation that FlyQuest would be looking to invest heavily in a strong LCS team for the season, and PapaSmithy’s leadership could help to bring FlyQuest the levels of success 100 Thieves have had over the past few years.

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In his original post announcing his departure from 100 Thieves, PapaSmithy said he’s “interested in building something great in esports in 2023. Most important thing for me is that it’s an org that prioritizes building strong processes to underpin a culture of developing success.”

As for a final FlyQuest 2023 roster, not much has been said. While Josedeodo and toucouille will be moving on from FlyQuest, their replacements have yet to be announced. But, with how hectic roster moves have been between both the LEC and LCS, anything is possible.

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