Nadeshot explains how 100 Thieves LoL team will turn around terrible LCS split

Riot Games / 100 Thieves

CEO and owner of League of Legends roster shuffle will turn around their abysmal LCS Spring Split, going into Summer.

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After 100 Thieves finished in last place during the ‘Spring 2019’ split of the LCS , it was clear that change was in order for the lineup to meet fans high expectations of the roster.

Following the removal of AnDa from the starting lineup, 100 Thieves signed veteran European jungler Amazing to take the rookie’s place in hopes of returning this roster to championship caliber.

100 ThievesMaurice ‘Amazing’ Stückenschneider is the new starting Jungler for 100 Thieves League of Legends.
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Many fans also expected a new mid lane player to be joining the 100 Thieves starting lineup, however, as of now they will be keeping their former academy player, Soligo in the starting LCS squad.

When asked about the team’s decision behind the latest 100 Thieves roster shuffle, Nadeshot explained there was many options for the organisation to pick up new players, “there were definitely other players we were looking at, for mid lane and a lot of opportunities jungle.”

Despite being in the middle of the off-season between the Spring and Summer split, Nadeshot felt quite happy about the roster changes leading into the next split, “I think we came out with a pretty good situation,” he expressed, ”I think we made changes that are positive and will push us in the right direction and hopefully we get some more wins.”

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Nade then followed up by advocating what a great addition Amazing could be to the 100 Thieves lineup with how vocal of a player he is, saying “[Amazing] is really outspoken, really cares about team synergy, great head on his shoulders.”

Nadeshot and the 100 Thieves LoL roster will be looking to turn things around during the summer split of the LCS after a disappointing spring split after many predicted them in the top three.

100 Thieves will debut their new lineup when the Summer split of the LCS returns on 1 June after the Mid-Season Invitational 2019 has finished.