LoL players discover several game-breaking Aurelion Sol bugs

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Aurelion Sol’s long-awaited rework has finally made it to live servers, but his all-new abilities have come with a slew of game-breaking bugs. New ones are constantly being discovered, with the most recent bug giving him the ability to cast his ultimate even when it’s on cooldown.

Aurelion Sol has existed as a very niche champion for years in LoL. After being nerfed into the ground for how quickly he could push out mid waves and rotate, he was doomed to relative obscurity due largely to how unique and difficult his kit was to use. Aurelion Sol’s play rate was one of those lowest in League of Legends for years.

He certainly had his strengths, but the developers at Riot opted to rework him with a new set of abilities rather than trying to rebalance the old ones. Community sentiment toward his rework has been generally good and has left old Aurelion Sol mains and new mid laners alike excited to play him, but he’s got a few nasty bugs that have been exposed as the champion has hit live servers.

He had some bugs on the PBE, many of which seem to have been sorted before he went live, but his rollout in patch 13.3 came with two brand-new ones. One of these bugs seals the fate of anyone hit by his DoT damage, while the other renders his W unusable for the entire game. Not even death fixes the issue.

LoL players discover game-breaking Aurelion Sol bugs in rework

Vandiril is LoL’s resident bug-hunter, and he has a real knack for finding bugs early. He’s been a part of exposing some of the biggest bugs in the game’s history, and has revealed instances where the game not working properly has affected pro play.

However, one of Aurelion Sol’s bugs was so apparent and disruptive that he began receiving viewer submissions showing A Sol’s DoT lasting until a player dies. People in the comments were comparing the aptly named “Inescapable Fate” DoT effect on his E to a plague.

The only thing in Aurelion Sol’s kit with a damage over time effect is his E, meaning that this bug permanently tags players with the damage taken from standing in his E even when they’re outside of its radius.

In the second clip featured in the above video, that A Sol player so happened to have purchased Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. That item paired with the everlasting damage meant the players affected were permanently slowed. While this bug is on the side of game-breakingly good, the other bug that’s been discovered so far goes in the opposite direction by permanently disabling his W.

This one was discovered by Vandiril himself mere hours after he published the video about the everlasting DoT. He figured out that Aurelion Sol’s W doesn’t play nice with some walls in particular.

When trying to traverse into a part of the map that would send you careening off the map entirely, Aurelion Sol’s W usually sends him toward the nearest point to fly to that keeps his destination on Summoner’s Rift. However, in an instance where the ability doesn’t fire and gets canceled, it renders the ability unusable for the entire game. Even after death. Players affected by this bug become an active liability for the team.

Fortunately, there are only a few points on the map in which this bug will work. There aren’t many players trying to shoot themselves right off the map, but fights in and around the alcoves in top and bottom lane could lead to this bug triggering for a player trying to make a speedy escape from a bad situation.

Vandiril wasn’t the only one finding bugs related to Aurelion Sol. As YouTuber Hextech Lab discovered a strange interaction with Viego after he’s captured Aurelion Sol’s body.

Viego can cast Aurelion Sol’s W as he’s about to lose Aurelion Sol’s form, this will allow Viego to maintain the movement even while not being Aurelion Sol. This means Viego can slide around the map and fly over walls without even needing to be Aurelion Sol at that moment.

This is further compounded by the interaction with Aurelion Sol and Viego’s Q. As Aurelion Sol’s Q ability has no cooldown, Viego is able to spam his Q ability over and over again whilst traveling, meaning he can perform some mad drivebys. This is most likely due to the game thinking Viego is still Aurelion Sol, as the W from Aurelion Sol has not yet expired.

A Sol’s W doesn’t stop there. The latest game-breaking bug discovered on this champion allows him to cast his ultimate every time he hits W.

Twitter user Hawolt discovered that casting your ultimate in the starting frames of Aurelion Sol’s W will entirely ignore the cooldown on the ability, effectively making his ultimate’s cooldown as long as his W’s cooldown is. Fortunately, this isn’t as broken as it would appear due to the fact that A Sol’s passive has to get stacked up before his ult is truly effective, but having an on-demand AoE stun is still incredibly strong and very unintended.

All of this is on top of the fact that, at the time of writing, Aurelion Sol’s abilities and descriptions haven’t been properly updated on his abilities page.

Aurelion Sol’s ability showcase still has his bygone passive stars on live servers

The new ability icons and names are there, but the descriptions are completely blank and the videos that play to showcase each ability haven’t been updated whatsoever.

This may not be a big deal for those who regularly read patch notes and keep up with the game, but someone who wants to learn about the champion’s new kit and see it in action before getting in-game with him won’t have an option other than searching for videos on a third-party site.

Aurelion Sol seems to be a champion that has a ton of bugs, so we’ll be updating this article with anything new that the LoL community discovers.

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