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Meteos reveals how 100 Thieves convinced him to return to LoL roster

Published: 30/Jan/2020 6:29

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends star William ‘Meteos’ Hartman had a messy, and public, split with 100 Thieves two years ago, but the former LCS champion admits key changes behind the scenes for the org opened the door for him to return.

100 Thieves got their Spring campaign in the LCS off to a good start last Saturday, defeating Golden Guardians in a “messy” 14–12 battle. The squad then went on to fall at the hands of title contenders Evil Geniuses during Monday Night League.

Despite a mixed 1–1 record, the 100T roster looked to be working together well, bedding in new recruits like Tommy ‘Ryoma’ Le, and returning stars Cody Sun and Meteos, the latter of whom revealed he’s “so happy” he made the decision to return.

Meteos and Ryoma celebrate at the LCS studio
Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Meteos and Ryoma celebrate 100 Thieves’ 38-minute victory over Golden Guardians last weekend.

According to the two-time champion, who floated through rosters with FlyQuest and OpTic Gaming before returning to 100T, he was “happy to come back” to Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s organization after some backroom changes.

“I was pretty excited when I was asked back, they got PapaSmithy and Zikz, so I thought it would be a really good combination,” Meteos explained in a post-match interview. The jungler added he “liked the org’s brand,” so that helped too.

Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Zikz played a key role in Meteos’ decision to return to 100T, the jungler revealed.

As well as the coaching changes, which had seen LCK icon Chris “Papasmithy” Smith take the reigns of the LoL roster, Meteos admitted a mostly revamped roster with the org was something that interested him a lot.

While Cody Sun and Kim ‘Ssumday’ Chan-ho were also involved in the same 2017-18 roster as Meteos, other figureheads like Ryu ‘Ryu’ Sang-wook, Zaqueri ‘aphromoo’ Black, and most notably former coach Neil ‘pr0lly’ Hammad had departed.

“This team is a lot more fun I guess,” Meteos said. “Not to say the other one wasn’t, really, but sometimes the mood would be really kind of dull, and here [this split] we all really like each other and get along well. It’s been a really fun time.”

Perhaps the biggest difference from the 26-year-old’s last tenure is PapaSmithy’s swap from proven import quantity in the mid lane, to Australian recruit Ryoma. The Oceanic Pro League star has faced some heat in his opening week and LCS debut, which Meteos disagrees with.

“I didn’t know much about Ryoma before I started playing with him, but he’s a really good dude, and an insanely good player,” Meteos said of his Aussie teammate. 

“He’s not as experienced as a lot of players we’re playing up against in terms of team macro and vision, but he’s learning really fast, so he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on. We’ve all been learning and re-learning the game together.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 56:48 in the video below.

With renewed backroom staff, a host of returning star players, and a huge new esports facility right in the heart of Los Angeles to boot, it looks like 100 Thieves could be in pole-position to bounce back from their 2019 struggles.

Meteos and 100 Thieves return to the Rift again on Saturday night, facing Counter Logic Gaming (0–2) in the weekend’s opening clash.

League of Legends

Riot touts major Soraka buffs in League Season 11 after item rework

Published: 24/Oct/2020 7:45

by Andrew Amos


While the item rework has hit every champion in League of Legends substantially, there’s few who have been more impacted than Soraka. With the rise of Grievous Wounds, the healer’s power has been cut, but Riot are looking at buffing her to counteract this.

League of Legends Season 11 is almost upon us, and it may as well be renamed League of Legends 2. The item rework is throwing everything you know about the game out the window, with over half of the items being completely overhauled or removed.

Riot has been able to tap into new areas because of the rework though. It’s a lot easier to build stats like critical strike, ability haste, and armor penetration. However, the item rework has also buffed mechanics like Grievous Wounds.

Star Guardian Soraka in League of Legends
Riot Games
Soraka players get ready: there could be buffs coming your way in League Season 11.

The healing cut mechanic is an absolute life-saver when you’re up against heavy sustain compositions. However, there’s one champion that gets nuked whenever it’s picked up ⁠— and that’s Soraka.

The support has heals on two of her four abilities, and a passive heal on a third. She is the ultimate healer, but it also means she’s easily countered by Grievous Wounds.

Grievous Wounds in Season 11 will be incredibly easy to apply, given the number of items that give it. Riot are aware of where this leaves Soraka though, and are intending on giving her some major changes once the item rework hits live servers.

“Soraka falls into the category of champ we’ll react to once we see exactly how she’s affected,” design director Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon told players on Reddit.

This is more than likely going to be buffs to other parts of her kit that aren’t healing, although Riot aren’t ruling out further changes to Grievous Wounds either.


“That might mean tuning [Grievous Wounds] availability if issues with her balance also affect other healing heavy champs. Could also just mean putting power into her, whether in healing or other aspects, to recognize the new normal.”

Meddler also noted that the Grievous Wounds changes aren’t the be-all-end-all for Soraka. There’s “a lot of other things changing for her,” according to the developers. However, they’re expecting her to take a hit in some way.

With League of Legends pre-season 11 launching with Patch 10.23 on November 10, there’s still some time for tinkering on the PBE. However, if you’re a Soraka main, you need not fear the item rework ⁠— Riot are keeping their eyes out for you.