Massive changes coming to LEC Summer Split for Worlds & MSI qualification

Declan Mclaughlin
LEC Stage

Riot Games has revealed some big changes coming to the LEC, with arguably the most impactful touching on qualification for the League of Legends World Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational.

The LEC will have some massive changes coming to the league in 2024. Riot Games revamped the European league for the 2023 season, introducing a third Winter Split and changing how teams qualified for international tournaments.

In 2024, the LEC will still have three splits, and qualification for the biggest events in the League esports calendar will remain mostly the same, outside of the Summer Split and Championship Points.

The Summer Split will have a much bigger emphasis on teams in 2024; Championship Point tiebreakers will be different as well.

LEC Worlds qualification and Championship point changes in 2024

Championship Points will now be standardized across placement in the LEC. Teams who finish fifth and sixth will now receive the same number of points, and teams who place seventh and eighth will also get the same number. Teams who finish in the bottom two spots will now not receive any points.

As far as changes to the Summer Split, the LEC Summer Champion will now automatically qualify for the World Championship as the lowest seed. The teams who place second and third in the summer will also qualify for the LEC Season Finals.

This means teams that place in the top three in the Summer Playoffs all have a chance to go to Worlds. Previously, teams could only qualify for the Season Finals based on Championship points.

The tiebreaker for Championship Points for the Season Finals is also being tweaked as now if two teams have the same amount heading into the tournament, the team who earned the most points in the Summer Split will win the tiebreaker.

If the two teams have the same number of points from the Summer Split, then the winner of their head-to-head record secures the tiebreaker.

Fans will get the chance to see the new changes in action as the LEC kicks off in early 2024.