LS hospitalized in “critical” condition after days of streaming while sick

Jeremy Gan

LS reveals he has been hospitalized in “critical” condition after days of co-streaming the opening week of LPL and LCK while sick. 

If there is one constant in the League of Legends scene, it’s that you can always count on LS to co-stream the top leagues, especially during their opening weeks, even while sick. Which can take quite a toll on a person’s body.

This is what he did throughout the opening week of LCK, as on June 11 on the last day of the opening week, he mentioned he was dealing with a fever but still decided to push through and co-stream the games. 

However, after days of updates about his health, he has now revealed that he was hospitalized, missing the opening day of the LCS. 

“Currently at [the] emergency, I won’t be around on streams longer than I anticipated yesterday,” LS said. “They’re labeling my state as critical and running a ton more tests.” He ends the tweet hoping everyone has fun watching the opening day of LCS. 

LS’ hospitalization comes days after a tweet he made apologizing he couldn’t co-stream the LCK and LCS as his health has been quite poor for almost a week. 

In the tweet, he provided a full list of the symptoms that he was going through, with serious symptoms such as constant coughing with blood appearing sometimes, nosebleeds, fevers, and breathing struggles.

He said of his condition at the time, “been [to the] hospital four times. All bloodwork/XRay/etc is normal so it’s confusing doctors”

LS did not give fans an approximation of when he might be back on his feet in a healthy state, let alone co-streaming again. However, he says that he will be updating his fans whenever he can.

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