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League of Legends Worlds 2021 event: Night & Dawn Skins, missions, rewards

Published: 12/Sep/2021 8:18 Updated: 12/Sep/2021 8:19

by Andrew Amos


It’s that time of year: The League of Legends World Championship is around the corner, and that means a new in-game event to celebrate. Timed with the release of new Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins, we’ve got all the you need details right here.

We’ve had the Sentinels of Light face off against the Ruination ⁠— and even the Groove take on the Harsh Vibes in the Space Groove event.

Now, Night will take on the Dawn yet again in League of Legends — but not in its own standalone event. This time, it’ll be part of the Worlds 2021 celebration.


Skins have already been confirmed, and more details are dripping through every day about the missions and rewards on offer, so here’s what we know.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 event start date

While there’s no confirmed release date for the Worlds 2021 event ⁠— as well as the associated new skins ⁠— we can predict that they’ll launch on the League of Legends patch 11.19 cycle.

The Night & Dawn skins are currently in testing, and with 11.19 being the infamous Worlds patch, it makes sense.

LoL patch 11.19 is set to drop on September 22, so keep your eyes peeled around then for both the Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins and the event content.


Severing Fate teaser for Night & Dawn skins

To get hyped for the new skins, Riot released a short 30-second trailer, named Severing Fate.

It features Kayn ⁠— who is receiving his first skin in over 1000 days ⁠— and Yone, dueling it out.

Interestingly, Kayn’s Darkin and Shadow Assassin forms have swapped color for his new skin, while Yone is shown in the cinematic as a mix of both sides.

New Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins for League of Legends

Six new Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins have been confirmed as part of the new Worlds 2021 event.

It is somewhat of a reverse of the thematics origins, with some of League’s more gloomy characters getting Dawnbringer skins ⁠— including new release Vex and Morgana.


On the Nightbringer skin, Tryndamere and Lillia have been confirmed to get the red-and-black variant.

As for Kayn and Yone, they’re a split of both. Kayn can transform into either his Darkin (Dawnbringer) or Shadow Assassin (Nightbringer) forms to take a side. Yone is also equally split, with one Dawnbringer sword and another Nightbringer one, bringing balance to the Rift.

You can find the full list of skins below. We will update this section if Riot adds any more before the event’s release.

  • Dawnbringer Morgana
  • Dawnbringer Vex
  • Night & Dawn Kayn
  • Night & Dawn Yone
  • Nightbringer Lillia
  • Nightbringer Tryndamere

League of Legends Worlds 2021 event missions

Of course, there’ll be a series of missions for players to complete as part of the Worlds 2021 event. It might even operate as a “Versus” event, with players joining forces with the Dawnbringers or the Nightbringers, with in-game rewards if you pick the winning side.


There’ll also be missions tied into the World Championship with Pick-Ems and watch rewards, so try and keep up with the action.

We will update this section when Riot launches the Worlds 2021 event with all the missions, the various paths, and the rewards on offer.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 event rewards

Speaking of rewards, it wouldn’t be a League of Legends in-game event without a special shop.

Riot have already confirmed Kayn is getting an event-specific Prestige skin, which will drop during the Worlds 2021 event. There’ll also be chromas, loading screen banners, and plenty of other goodies to pick up. Some have already launched onto the PBE.


Worlds events typically run longer though, with multiple skin lines, so keep your eyes peeled for any more cosmetics.

The official shop hasn’t been locked in yet, but once it is, we’ll give you all the details right here.