League is getting a new Ultimate Spellbook game mode to finish Ruination story

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

The Black Mist is now taking over Summoner’s Rift. League of Legends’ Ruination storyline is coming to its end with a potential in-game event, the addition of a new Ultimate Spellbook game mode, and a couple more champion releases to boot.

Viego’s reign as the Ruined King could be coming to an end ⁠— if players choose to face off against the Black Mist.

The Ruination storyline in League of Legends has dominated Season 11, and it’s set to continue in patch 11.14 with the release of a new game mode called Ultimate Spellbook.

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It comes as more Ruination content is expected to be released across the year in anticipation of Riot Forge’s first release, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Here’s what we know about the end of League of Legends’ most intricate releases in history.

Sylas splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
Now everyone is Sylas in League’s newest game mode, Ultimate Spellbook.

League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook game mode details

The Ultimate Spellbook game mode is now live for testing on the PBE as of the patch 11.13 cycle. It was a surprise addition to the test servers, and it’s got plenty of players excited for a fresh rotating game mode.

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The game mode mechanics are in the title: You get given another champion’s ultimate ⁠— kind of like Unsealed Spellbook but for abilities. You can choose one of three random ultimates out of a pool of 39 to start with, and it’ll permanently take the place of one of your summoner spells.

Ultimate Spellbook: Ultimate Pool
Ahri Amumu Ashe Azir
Bard Cho’Gath Ezreal Fiddlesticks
Gragas Gwen Janna Jarvan IV
Jhin Karthus Kayle Kayn
Kha’Zix Lee Sin Lissandra Lucian
Lux Malzahar Maokai Miss Fortune
Mordekaiser Morgana Nocturne Nunu & Willump
Olaf Rell Rengar Shen
Skarner Soraka Talon Tryndamere
Xerath Yone Zoe

Your “Ult-ernate Summoner Spell” levels up as your champion’s ultimate would at level 11 and 16. However, you can get access to it before level 6, as long as you wait out the initial 2:15 cooldown.

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It’s meant to be a fast and fun game mode like One For All, with more starting gold, increased XP curves, and lower timers on jungle camps. You can even summon Mordekaiser’s old dragon, which once you get the soul point, can allow you to reanimate on death like Sion.

There’s plenty of fun little mechanics in the game mode, which is set to release on LoL patch 11.14. More ultimates could be added before its release, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Gwen League of LegendsRiot Games
Gwen is one of 39 champions whose ultimate can be stolen by players in the game mode.

Ruination map skin has players wanting permanent addition

In case that wasn’t enough, Riot have added a Ruination map skin for the game mode. It showcases the Black Mist taking over the battlegrounds of Summoner’s Rift, with the ominous smoke corrupting the land and its inhabitants.

The new layout has led to calls from players for Riot to re-introduce map skins to League of Legends, like the old winter map that replaced the regular one in December. While Riot remains hesitant to do so, with this cat now out of the bag, enough demand could see map skins make their return.

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LoL Ruination map skin baron nashorRiot Games
Even Baron Nashor couldn’t resist the Black Mist.

Two more Ruination-themed champions still set for Season 11 release

On top of the new Ultimate Spellbook game mode and the Ruination map skin, there’s still more Ruined King content to come out in League of Legends. Two champions are set to cap off one of League’s most in-depth releases and storylines in the game’s history.

This includes a new Sentinel of Light marksman like Senna and Lucian but designed for the mid lane. There’s also a “gloomy yordle” mage on their way, who is set to play “a big part” in the Ruined King’s story.

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The new champions don’t have a set release date yet, but you can expect them to come out in the coming weeks.

Senna and Lucian in LoLRiot Games
Senna and Lucian will be getting an ally soon to help fight back the Black Mist.

When is the LoL Ruination event coming out?

As we mentioned at the top, the Ultimate Spellbook game mode is set to release on League of Legends patch 11.14, penned in for July 8.

Further details, like new champion releases, are expected in the coming months. With all this new content, it’s hard not to believe a fully-fledged Ruination event featuring Viego, Gwen, and the two new champions isn’t on its way. We will keep you posted.

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