LoL players demand Kai’sa nerfs after AP build dominates pro play

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League of Legends players have demanded that the ADC Kai’sa be nerfed after her AP hybrid build sweeps professional play.

League of Legends is host to a vast variety of playable characters. Whether that be an evil child capable of razing buildings with flame or a Piltovian Popstar who rides about on a hoverboard, League is able to fulfill a champion fantasy for almost everyone. However, with that immense amount of champion variety comes the cost of balancing every 166 unique kits alongside the game’s changing mechanics.

Often times even the most minute of changes can have hugely devastating impacts on the meta and balance of the game. This is particularly true when certain items are changed, as they can often impact the entire class that uses them. The void champion Kai’sa is uniquely capable of building hybrid builds, making her volatile to changes in both the AD and AP items.

The most recent changes to items have brought Kai’sa back into the spotlight. With the insane power of Statikk Shiv, Nashor’s Tooth and the revamped Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Kai’sa has taken over the meta once more. With absolute domination of both professional and ranked play, many have called for her power level to be brought down, as players are tired of seeing her around.

League players call for Kai’sa nerfs after her overwhelming presence in pro

“100% pick/ban in pro play, played in bot, mid, and sometimes top, does insane damage with two items, late game she gets a 1300+ HP shield from her ult. Statikk Shiv fixed her lack of wave clear and now she’s a terror. So why isn’t she nerfed already?” the post reads.

Many players dislike Kai’sa in her current form for her overloaded kit and sarcastically blamed it for the recent issues.

“Wholesome ranged hybrid assassin ADC,” one commenter snidely remarked.

Users were sure to point out that she’s effectively capable of doing other champions’ jobs better than they could.

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It’s uncertain what Riot has in the cards for Kai’sa as of the moment, but with how consistently League of Legends is updated, it may not be too long before players’ wishes are fulfilled.