How to play Statikk Shiv LeBlanc, League pro play’s next meta-defining pick

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Statikk Shiv was reintroduced to League of Legends on patch 13.10, and it was intended as an ADC item. However, pros have discovered that buying Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc makes her one of the best mid laners in League of Legends.

Though many of the item changes on League of Legends. patch 13.10 were intended for ADCs, the way the meta has actually turned out hasn’t exactly been what people expected.

Out of all the items to build on ADCs, Trinity Force, an item that was changed to affect other roles, became popular enough to change the meta in bot lane. Meanwhile, Statikk Shiv has moved past ADC and into a life of its own as a mid lane burst item.

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Though people have been experimenting with it on several champions, one stands out as the biggest winner with the item: LeBlanc.

Why are pros building Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc?

It’s important to note that Statikk Shiv isn’t a Mythic item, yet, it’s still being bought first on this champion. Where most AP mid laners are defined by their choice of Mythic, primarily between Rod of Ages, Liandry’s Anguish, and Everfrost, LeBlanc players are thinking outside the box.

LeBlanc has become a first pick/first ban mid laner seemingly overnight off the back of this new build. Mid laners all over the world have been testing it out in solo queue, and it’s had a strong presence in the LEC since it’s started. Even the likes of Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon are practicing it.

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Statikk Shiv regularly counts for 20-30% of LeBlanc’s total damage to champions by the end of pro matches, and, considering she’s a champion so heavily based around dealing burst damage, that’s a substantial boost to her kill potential. LeBlanc’s dashes also help her stack Shiv’s passive, meaning that she can use it multiple times in a fight.

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Additionally, it gives her some great wave clear and lets her sidelane with ease. LeBlanc’s wave clear has always been a bit weaker than some of her contemporaries, so having a tool that allows her to match them is a huge boon for her overall.

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Statikk Shiv Leblanc build and runes

As far as build goes, Night Harvester and Ludens are neck and neck as far as what pros are building in their solo queue matches. We went with Night Harvester ultimately because that’s what Faker’s mainly building, and, well… It’s Faker. However, everyone is building Statikk Shiv first, so make sure that you’re opting into that early on.

From there, Lich Bane is ideal. Since you’ll be weaving in autos to take advantage of Statikk Shiv anyways, getting some bonus damage in your combos will give you even more burst. Outside of those three core items, build whatever you feel like you need. Rabadon’s and Mejai’s can be great for snowballing, Shadowflame and Void Staff are strong pen options, and Zhonya’s can be a good option if you’re looking for some defense.

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Meanwhile, LeBlanc’s rune page looks more like something you’d see an ADC run. Fleet Footwork gives her even more mobility as well as some healing, making her a pain to deal with at every stage of the game. Presence of Mind keeps your mana topped up, Alacrity is kind of just the best Legend option by default on the tree, and Coup de Grace helps ensure she can 100-0 her target.

As far as secondary runes go, it’s up in the air between Manaflow Band and Scorch on the Sorcerer tree or Magical Footwear and Biscuits on the inspiration tree. Both options are good.

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It remains to be seen just how long Statikk Shiv is allowed to run free, but, for now, take advantage of the item while it’s overpowered.

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