League dev floats potential Malphite update, but “simple” identity will remain

malphite in league of legendsRiot Games

Malphite is one of League of Legends’ oldest champions, but the rock in the top hasn’t changed too much. Things are going to stay the same for now, however Riot are eyeing a potential Malphite update ⁠— although his “simple” gameplay will remain for good reason.

Since League of Legends’ release in 2009, Malphite has been one of the few champions left relatively untouched. One of the original 40, the rock in the top has only really received one major overhaul in Season 9 to improve his waveclear and give him a bit more skill.

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His place in the game as a simple to learn yet effective champion is important as Riot adds more complex characters like the recently-launched Nilah. That’s something the developers aren’t going to give up.

After some players called for a Malphite rework, or even just a smaller update akin to Sivir or Aurelion Sol’s most recently, developer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles shut down calls to change the Shard of the Monolith’s kit too drastically.

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However, the developers understand he is not as appealing as he once was with all these complex new champions. They want to at least make him interesting with a fresh lick of paint: “I think Malphite probably needs a VU [visual update] or ASU [art and sustainability update] at some point rather than a VGU [visual and gameplay update].”

Dark Star Malphite Prestige in League of LegendsRiot Games
Riot is considering a Malphite visual update in League of Legends, but nothing too fancy ability-wise as his “simple” identity is key to game balance.

As for ability changes? Don’t expect much there as Riot wants to keep his simplicity in the game for those just starting out. 

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“His kit is simple but it’s still fun and works well, and it’s okay to have some simpler champions in the game,” Reav3 continued.

The visual updates have been relatively successful at increasing player engagement on some champions like Caitlyn and Syndra, who were guinea pigs for VUs and ASUs.

Exactly when Malphite will receive the same treatment remains to be seen, but it’s on their radar at the very least.