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What we know about League’s “mysterious” bot lane champion coming in Season 12

Published: 18/Apr/2022 20:44 Updated: 18/Apr/2022 21:05

by Andrew Amos


Riot aren’t easing up on the League of Legends champion teasers, with the developers hinting at a “mysterious” bot lane champion coming in Season 12. Here’s what we know about League champion 161, including who they are and when they’ll drop.

League of Legends Season 12 is starting with a glut of champion releases and teasers. First Zeri, then Renata and the Void jungler, now a new non-traditional bot laner is on the cards.

In a role where marksmen rule, this “mysterious” new champion has the real chance to shake up the meta. Here’s what we know so far.


Mysterious bot laner teaser in League of Legends
Riot Games
League’s new bot laner will be “mysterious”.

Who is League’s “mysterious” bot lane champion?

Not much is known about League of Legends “mysterious” bot lane champion. Lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles shared a small snippet of their background during the Season 12 launch livestream.

Reav3 described them as a “very mysterious, non-traditional bot lane champion we’ll be whipping out later this year.”

A series of hands laid out in an artistic spiral with deep blues and purples. It’s got a big Ionian vibe to it, which will be interesting given there’s not many bot laners from Ionia ⁠— Xayah is (technically) about the only one.

However, anything related to their kit ⁠— outside of the fact they’ll be non-traditional, which typically means not a marksman ⁠— remains to be seen.


The related segment begins at 7:55.

On April 18, Reav3 shared some new lore on the apparent melee-focused bot laner. A tussle in “Oyster Bill’s Oyster Shack” revealed some characteristics players can expect when the unique marksman lands.

Known for their joyous laughter, the marksman is a “stranger from the land of a thousand colors” across the seas from Runeterra. They presumably fight with a water-based ability kit seeing as they left “strange glowing puddles all over the place” while creating a mist effect during battle.

league of legends marksman bot laner

Aside from their laughter, “the sound of splashing water” was heavily connected to the new marksman.


When will League’s “mysterious” bot lane champion be released?

All we know about League’s non-traditional bot lane champion is that they’ll be released in Season 12 sometime in 2022. Given there’s Renata and the Void jungler to go before it, it could be sometime in the second half of the year before we see them.

We will keep you updated with the latest on this mysterious champion as Riot drops more info.