Lil Nas X resigns as President of League of Legends

Lil Nas X Star Walkin'Riot Games/LSXYZ9 | Twitter

Lil Nas X has stepped down from his position as President of League of Legends in a promotional campaign from the artist and Riot Games. The performer took over in the fictional position, created the world championship anthem, helped create a skin for a new champion, and will perform at the grand final opening ceremony.

After weeks of collaboration with Lil Nas X in promotional videos for the League of Legends World Championship, the performer and developer released their final piece of content in which the artist resigns from his self-appointed position.

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In the video, Lil Nas X gives a final address to Riot employees and recaps what he has done for the company in the various skits released over the past six weeks.

This includes playing League of Legends with Evil Geniuses player Kyle ‘Danny’ Sakamaki and other Riot departments and replacing their office phone ringtones with the 2022 Worlds anthem “STAR WALKIN’.”

Lil Nas X went on to say in the video that he is quitting to focus on the 2022 Worlds opening ceremony which he said will top all those that came before it.

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“It doesn’t feel like I’m losing a boss. It feels like I’m losing a friend,” a fictional Riot Games employee said in the video.

Lil Nas X to preform at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship grand final

The performer is set to appear at the grand final to sing the 2022 Worlds anthem along with other tracks with rapper and producer Jackson Wang.

New champion, K’Sante, will hit live servers on November 3 along with the skins Lil Nas X helped create with Riot Games.

The opening ceremony for the 2022 Worlds grand final will begin before T1 and DRX clash for the championship title on November 5.

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