Fnatic reportedly considering dropping Hylissang, Bwipo in shock switch

Lauren Bergin
Fnatic Worlds

As the League of Legends 2020 World Championships draw ever closer to conclusion, rumors regarding the future of some of Europe’s top players have fans shocked. 

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Worlds 2020 has been a wild competition. It’s seen collapse of some of the LoL universe’s most popular teams, including TSM being eliminated without winning a single game and G2 Esports failing to reach the World Finals for the first time in two years.

Instead, fans have watched teams that were initially pegged as underdogs become dominant forces, especially Suning, who no one saw as a real contender, never mind Worlds finalists.

A lot of top tier teams have been left reeling after their performances, but none more so than Fnatic. Their playoff match against Top Esports saw victory brutally snatched away, and many fans have been left wondering if this performance was the nail in the Fnatic coffin.

Fnatic on LEC stage
Is this the end of one of Fnatic’s most iconic rosters?

Rumor has it that there may be changes for Fnatic

A tweet from LEC roster rumor trackers LEC Wooloo has stated that Bwipo and Hylissang, two of Fnatic’s most divisive players, may be exploring other options. While the tweet says that they are still tied to Fnatic, it notes that a lot of other LEC teams are interested in the dynamic duo.

The tweet goes even further; explaining that if Hylissang does move to a different team then the current support for TSM Erik ‘Treatz’ Wessén is lined up to replace him. This is a bold move considering TSM’s diabolical showing at Worlds, but equally many Fnatic fans aren’t convinced that Hylissangs 50/50 plays are doing Fnatic many favours.

The final part of the tweet that will likely have Fnatic fans breathing a sigh of relief is that Fnatic’s best performing player Rekkles will be remaining with the franchise. The iconic face of Fnatic has stood out this year for his resilience and fluid captaincy, so even with a new roster Rekkles is likely to shine.

What would this mean?

While Fnatic have always remained one of Europe’s most dominant teams, changes could either hinder the team or propel them forward. While many Fnatic fans have blamed Bwipo and Hylissang for Fnatic’s rocky performances, Hylissang was one of the standout players of the TES series.

The old saying ‘it’s better the devil you know’ springs to mind, but either way Fnatic will remain a team to be feared so long as Rekkles remains on the roster. It’ll be interesting to see how this story continues to develop – if it does at all.