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LEC 2021 Summer Split: G2 ties for first after beating Rogue

Published: 19/Jun/2021 20:12 Updated: 19/Jun/2021 20:56

by Isaac McIntyre


LEC 2021 Summer Split is here! Ten world-class League of Legends lineups battle it out to be crowned kings of Europe, and to lock one of three illustrious places at the 2021 World Championship in China later this year. Here’s the stream, schedule & standings to keep you in the loop.

  • Misfits beat Astralis to top LEC table
  • MAD Lions take out Schalke 04
  • All eyes on Fantic after bold offseason roster shuffle

The League of Legends European Championship is back, and it’s expected to be as exciting, whacky, and competitive as ever. Throughout the course of the eight-week season (June 11 to August 1), ten teams will compete for a spot in the Summer Playoffs.

Last season, MAD Lions stunned the European elite by fighting from third place to the LEC Spring title.


Their victory, which came off the back of a 3-2 reverse sweep over Rogue in the decider, marked just the fourth time in the competition’s history they had crowned a new champion. Previously, G2 Esports (8), Fnatic (7), and Alliance (1) have been seated on the European throne.

This season will remain online, Riot Games has confirmed.

There’s €200,000 on the line, as well as the illustrious chance to represent Europe at the 2021 World Championship. Here’s everything you need to stay up-to-date.

Riot Games
MAD Lions became just the fourth ever European champions with their Spring victory.

LEC 2021 Summer Split: Stream

The LEC streams live on Twitch, the league’s new dedicated Youtube channel, and Miss the action? Catch-up on all three platforms within 24 hours.


LEC 2021 Summer Split: Standings

Below are how each team places in the current standings. This will be updated once the opening round of play has been penned into the record books.

Placement Team Record
1 Misfits Gaming 4-1
1 G2 Esports 4-1
3 Rogue 3-2
3 Fnatic 3-2
3 MAD Lions 3-2
6 Astralis 2-3
6 Excel Esports 2-3
6 FC Schalke 04 2-3
6 Vitality 2-3
10 SK Gaming 0-5

LEC 2021 Summer Split: Results & schedule

Week 1 schedule (June 11 – June 13)

Date Match GMT  PT ET
June 11 MAD Lions 0-1 G2 Esports 5PM 9AM 12PM
SK Gaming 0-1 Astralis 6PM 10AM 1PM
Rogue 1-0 Excel 7PM 11AM 2PM
Vitality 1-0 Schalke 8PM 12PM 3PM
Misfits 1-0 Fnatic 9PM 1PM 4PM
June 12 Excel 0-1 Astralis 4PM 8AM 11AM
SK Gaming 0-1 Misfits 5PM 9AM 12PM
Vitality 0-1 Rogue 6PM 10AM 1PM
Schalke 1-0 G2 Esports 7PM 11AM 2PM
MAD Lions 1-0 Fnatic 8PM 12PM 3PM
June 13 Schalke 0-1 Excel 4PM 8AM 11AM
Vitality 0-1 Misfits 5PM 9AM 12PM
MAD Lions 1-0 Astralis 6PM 10AM 1PM
SK Gaming 0-1 G2 Esports 7PM 11AM 2PM
Rogue 0-1 Fnatic 8PM 12PM 3PM

Week 2 schedule (June 18 – June 19)

Date Match GMT  PT ET
June 18 SK Gaming 0-1 Schalke 5PM 9AM 12PM
MAD Lions 0-1 Excel 6PM 10AM 1PM
Rogue 1-0 Misfits 7PM 11AM 2PM
Vitality 0-1 Fnatic 8PM 12PM 3PM
G2 Esports 1-0 Astralis 9PM 1PM 4PM
June 19 Vitality 1-0 SK Gaming 4PM 8AM 11AM
Misfits 1-0 Astralis 5PM 9AM 12PM
Schalke 0-1 MAD Lions 6PM 10AM 1PM
Fnatic 1-0 Excel 7PM 11AM 2PM
Rogue 0-1 G2 Esports 8PM 12PM 3PM

LEC 2021 Summer Split: Teams

All ten competing League of Legends European Championship teams have now submitted their Summer lineups, though the roster lock for the competition will officially shut mid-season.

Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
Astralis WhiteKnight Zanzarah MagiFelix Jeskla promisq
Excel Esports Kryze Dan Nukeduck Patrik Denyk
FC Schalke 04 Broken Blade Kirei NUCLEARINT Neon LIMIT
Fnatic Adam Bwipo Nisqy Upset Hylissang
G2 Esports Wunder Jankos Caps Rekkles Mixkyx
MAD Lions Armut Elyoya Humanoid Crazzy Kaiser
Misfits Gaming Agresivoo/HiRit Razork Vetheo Kobbe denyk/Vander
Rogue Odoamne Inspired Larssen Hans Sama Trymbi
SK Gaming Jenax Treatz Blue Jezu Jesiz
Team Vitality SLT Selfmade Lider Crownshot Labrov