Destiny roasts “dogs**t” League client after Riot Games donates him 250 subs

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Twitch star Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel was gifted 250 subs by Riot Games and, instead of thanking the company, he took a moment to share his true feelings about the League of Legends client.

League of Legends has entered the preseason for Season 12, which brought tons of new items and content to Summoner’s Rift.

The new season, paired with the success of the new Netflix show Arcane, has skyrocketed the game’s popularity, giving players tons of new reasons to dive into the MOBA title.

Twitch streamer Destiny was streaming League of Legends on November 18, when he received a surprise donation from developer Riot Games.

Twitch streamer Destiny is a long-time League of Legends player.

Destiny roasts League of Legends client

The streamer reacted to the huge amount of donations and said, “League of Legends gave you 250 subs, wow, thank you my dude! Wait, that’s not an official League of Legends account, is it? Oh, is it?! Well, thanks!”

After Destiny realized he had the ear of an official Riot employee who donated the subscribers, he took a moment to share his thoughts on the game’s client.

He told Riot, “Fix your dogs**t f**king client, that makes it so that people can spam you with f***king friend requests in-between games.”

Destiny has been spammed between matches with countless friend requests and invites in the game’s client that has aggravated him while not in a match.

Although the streamer was thankful for the enormous amount of subscribers the company granted him, he made sure they knew just how dissatisfied he is with the state of the client.

Riot have taken heat for League’s client in the past and have noted just how difficult it is to make the client work for everybody who plays the game.

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