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League of Legends

League of Legends gets all new endgame screen with release of Challenges

Published: 6/May/2022 16:00 Updated: 5/May/2022 20:11

by Lawrence Scotti


League of Legends is getting a massive overhaul to the endgame screen with an entirely new progression page to track Challenges.

To coincide with the release of Challenges in League of Legends, Riot Games are completely reworking the post-game screen to include Challenge tracking and other features.

The scoreboard will also get a new look in an attempt to modernize the League client, launching on May 6.

League gets new post-game screen and scoreboard

After a League match concludes there will be two different post-game screens to navigate, the Progression tab and the Scoreboard.

The Progression tab will show the splash art for the champion played, along with tracking LP gains, Mastery, and XP earned. Below that will be all of the Challenges players are tracking and how much was advanced.


The chat box on the bottom also has been reworked slightly, as well as Honors which have been moved to the bottom right.

league endgame screen
Riot Games
League’s new progression post-game screen.

The scoreboard is also getting some much-needed love. The screen will now display faded character splash art for each player on the left, K/DA, and lane positions.

The column all the way to the right will display the Challenge players most progressed in that game. These changes aren’t reinventing the wheel but certainly make the scoreboard easier to read as well as being nicer to look at.

league scoreboard
Riot Games
League of Legends’ new scoreboard improves visual clarity.

Changes to the scoreboard and the end of the game screen are meant to seamlessly integrate the new Challenges progression system into all types of game modes, and it does just that.