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League Patch 10.15 notes: New champ Lillia, Swain & Skarner buffs, more

Published: 21/Jul/2020 8:57 Updated: 21/Jul/2020 21:14

by Isaac McIntyre


The League of Legends 10.15 patch notes welcomed Lillia to the Rift while introducing extensive champion balance changes for players to dig through ahead of the July 22 update.

The spotlight for patch 10.15 is on Lillia. The dreamy jungler will be the 149th character to join the League of Legends roster this update.

Meanwhile characters like Swain and Skarner are getting a few overhauls in their ability kits, and is definitely something to keep an eye out when playing with or against them.

Swain is getting a big raft of buffs this League patch.
Riot Games
Swain is getting a hefty chunk of buffs in the new League update on July 22.

Lillia release date

Champion 149 is here. Lillia is now on the PBE, with the “dreamy” new jungler available for testing. The “mid-range skirmisher” features a lot of consistent DPS in her kit, as well as the infamous ‘sleep’ mechanic popularized by Zoe on her ultimate.

Lillia hails from Ionia, the spiritual heartland of Runeterra. Living among the trees in her “garden,” she doesn’t venture far, afraid of what’s beyond the scrub. Thankfully, she is set to venture onto the Rift in League Patch 10.15, however.

Want a little leg up on your ranked rivals straight off the bat with the Bashful Bloom? We’ve already got a dedicated Lillia guide for you to master champion 149, including which runes to take, what to build, and plenty more!

Lillia is being released in League Patch 10.15.
Riot Games
Lillia the Bashful Bloom is being released in League Patch 10.15 this week.

Skarner, Swain get hefty overhauls

Skarner received damage bonuses on his Q, as well as a tweaked mana cost. Riot says this should make him a “stronger damage threat against fighters and tanks.” The LoL devs are achieving this by super-charging his Q.

Swain, on the other hand, mainly had his cooldowns changed. His Vision of Empire (W) range also got a slight tweak and lower damage. Finally, the Master Tactician’s movement speed dropped following the patch.

“Swain balance target is to help both solo lanes and support players equally,” Yetter said on Twitter after unveiling the patch cycle’s planned changes. “[These changes should] skew him a bit better in high Elo, because he currently stomps in low [Elo].”

Skarner is getting buffed in League Patch 10.15.
Riot Games
Skarner is turning into a super-sized “tank buster” jungler in League Patch 10.15.

In non-champion changes, basic support item Spellthief’s Edge have been buffed. The mage-based default item, which eventually builds into Frostfang and Shard of True Ice, has fallen by the wayside to its tankier counterpart in Relic Shield.

Here’s the full League Patch 10.15 notes, courtesy of Riot Games. The upcoming patch notes are featured below while it’s expected to hit the League of Legends client on Wednesday, July 22.

League of Legends Patch 10.15 patch notes



New – The Bashful Bloom Lillia prances into action in patch 10.15!


Q – Crescendum, The Chakram

  • Sentry Activation Radius 575  500
  • Sentry Activation Time 0.25 seconds to attack target in range  0.35 seconds to attack target in range

Q – Infernum, The Flamethrower

  • Removed Runaan’s Bolt Passthrough: Runaan’s Hurricane bolts no longer deal damage to all enemies they pass through (splash missiles and normal Infernum firebolts still do)
  • Critical AoE Splash Missiles count: 8 splash missiles  6 splash missiles
  • Runaan’s Splash Missles Count: 4 splash missiles  3 splash missiles
  • Critical Runaan’s Splash Missiles Count: 8 splash missiles  5 splash missiles
  • Updated Runaan’s AoE Splash Missiles Size: Hurricane splash missile AoE lengths are now reduced by ~100 range

R – Moonlight Vigil

  • BUGFIX No longer deals damage without going on cooldown if Aphelios is killed during the ability’s cast


  • Attack Damage 62 ⇒ 64
  • Movement Speed 325 ⇒ 330



  • Healing Reduced to 25% against minions ⇒ Reduced to 15% against minions



  • Damage Ratio 0.5 ability power ⇒ 0.6 ability power


  • Damage Ratio 0.7 ability power ⇒ 0.8 ability power


Passive – Ionian Fervor

  • Bonus attack speed per stack 8/10/12% (40/50/60% at levels 1/7/13) ⇒ 8/12/16% (40/60/80% at levels 1/7/13)

Lee Sin

W – Safegaurd

  • Cooldown 12 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds


Base Stats

  • ARMOR 36 ⇒ 33


Passive – Fey Feathers

  • Cooldown 40-16 seconds (levels 1-17) (reduced by 3 every 2 levels, capping at level 17) ⇒ 40-14.5 seconds (levels 1-18) (reduced by 1.5 every level, capping at level 18)


Passive – Ki Barrier

  • Shield Value 50-101 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 70-121 (levels 1-18) (bonus health ratio unchanged)


Q – Crystal Slash

  • Damage Ratio 33/36/39/42/45% total attack damage ⇒ 15% total attack damage (+1/1.5/2/2.5/3% of target’s maximum health)
  • Bonus Damage Ratio 33/36/39/42/45% total attack damage (+0.3 ability power) ⇒ 15% total attack damage (+1/1.5/2/2.5/3%of target’s maximum health) (+0.3 ability power)
  • Buff Duration 4 seconds ⇒ 5 seconds
  • Cost 10/11/12/13/14 mana ⇒ 15 mana

E – Fracture

  • Removed Keep It Moving: Missile no longer loses travel speed after hitting an enemy


Base Stats

  • Movement Speed 335 ⇒ 325

Passive – Ravenous Flock

  • Cooldown 12/9/6 seconds (levels 1/7/13) ⇒ 10 seconds (now scales with cooldown reduction)
  • Removed Flock Mana Restore Swain’s ravens no longer restore mana
  • Bugfix – Swain can no longer pull enemies launched by Blast Cones triggered by themselves or their teammates

Q – Death’s Dance

  • Cooldown 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 ⇒ 9/7.5/6/4.5/3 seconds
  • Bolt Angle 10 degrees ⇒ 8 degrees
  • New – Hand it Over: Death’s Hand’s bolts now pass through champions

W – Vision of Empire

  • Range 3500 ⇒ 5500/6000/6500/7000/7500
  • Damage 100/150/200/250/300 ⇒ 80/120/160/200/240
  • Cost 70/85/100/115/130 mana ⇒ 70/80/90/100/110 mana

E – Nevermore

  • Cooldown 13/12/11/10/9 seconds ⇒ 10 seconds
  • Cost 60/65/70/75/80 mana ⇒ 50 mana


W – Dark Passage

  • Cooldown 22/19.5/17/14.5/12 seconds ⇒ 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds

Twisted Fate

W – Pick a Card

  • Cooldown 6 seconds ⇒ 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds


Bop’n’Block (Passive)

  • Mana restore lowered from 50-160 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 25-100 (+8% maximum mana) (levels 1-18); cooldown 20-8 seconds (levels 1-18) ⇒ 18-6 seconds (levels 1-18)



Basic Attack

  • Cleaned up missiles and hit effects

Q – Orb of Destruction

  • New missiles and hit effects, now shows the actual hitbox. Healing missiles are now green.
W – Fox Fire
  • New fox-fires, missiles, and hit effects that are cleaned up and modernized
E – Charm
  • Cleaned up the heart missile to feel more modern and to provide accuracy to hitbox
R – Spirit Rush
  • New cast ground buff effects, as well as new missiles and hit effects
Dynasty Ahri
  • New dance VFX
Star Guardian Ahri
  • New dance VFX


Basic Attack

  • New hit effect
Passive – Monkey’s Guilt
  • New movement speed boost effect
Q – Tiger Stance
  • New transform effect and overhead symbol; Tiger form has a new DoT effect
W – Turtle Stance
  • New transform effect and overhead symbol; Turtle form has new shield and heal effects
E – Bear Stance
  • New transform effect and overhead symbol; Bear form has a new stun effect
R – Phoenix Stance
  • New transform effect and overhead symbol; Phoenix form has new AoE and cone effects


Spellthief’s Edge

  • Base mana regen 25%  50%


  • Base mana regen 50%  75%

Shard of True Ice

  • Damage 45 ability power  50 ability power



  • Initial Cooldown 240 seconds  300 seconds
  • Maximum Cooldown cap 120 seconds  150 seconds
  • Cooldown Reduction per swap 20 seconds with each unique Summoner Spell  25 seconds with each unique Summoner Spell


10.15 Buffs

  • Akali: +5% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
  • Camille: -5% damage taken
  • Corki: -5% damage taken
  • Evelynn:+5% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
  • Gnar: -5% damage taken
  • Kai’sa: +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
  • Neeko: +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
  • Nidalee: -5% damage taken
  • Pyke: -5% damage taken
  • Qiyana: -5% damage taken
  • Rek’sai: +5% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
  • Taliyah: -5% damage taken
  • Tahm Kench: +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
  • Thresh: +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
  • Zoe: -5% damage taken

10.15 Nerfs

  • Amumu: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Ashe: -5% damage dealt
  • Brand: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Darius: -5% damage dealt
  • Fiddlesticks: -5% damage dealt
  • Illaoi: -5% damage dealt
  • Jax: -5% damage dealt
  • Kayle: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Kog’Maw: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Maokai: -10% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Master Yi: -10% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Sett: -5% damage dealt
  • Singed: -5% damage dealt
  • Sion: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Sona: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Taric: -5% damage dealt, +5% damage taken, & -5% healing
  • Veigar: -5% damage dealt
  • Volibear: -5% damage dealt
  • Wukong: -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken


10.15 Buffs

  • Trundle: -10% healing  -5% healing
  • Yummi: Normal  +5% damage dealt

10.15 Nerfs:

  • Alistar: +5% damage taken & -10% healing  -5% damage dealt, +5% damage taken, & -10% healing
  • Karthus: Normal  -5% damage dealt
  • Kog’maw: -10% damage dealt  -10% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
  • Lux: -10% damage dealt & +10% damage taken  -15% damage dealt & +10% damage taken
  • Teemo: -10% damage dealt & +10% damage taken  -15% damage dealt & +10% damage taken

Bugfixes / QoL Changes

  • League Client: Fixed an issue with the social panel not appearing in the client
  • League Client: Fixed an issue where the home screen was not rendering after completing a game
  • Arcansist Kog’Maw’s W – Void Ooze VFX now aligns with when it actually deals damage to the enemy units
  • Jhin now properly respawns with his full Passive – Whisper ammunition
  • Annie no longer loses her Passive – Pyromania stacks upon revival if she’s at full stacks
  • Elise’s Spiderlings’ basic attacks now properly benefit from any adaptive force Elise gains from runes
  • Karthus’ W – Wall of Pain spawns properly even when cast at 0 range
  • Yorick’s Maiden of the Mist, Ivern’s Daisy, Elise’s Spiderlings, Malzahar’s Voidlings, and Heimerdinger’s Q – H-28 G Evolution Turret now properly proc Manaflow Band
  • After countering a hard CC ability, Pulsefire Fiora’s W – Riposte ground indicator no longer disappears
  • Renekton now properly gains increased passive Rage generation as well as Rage gained from casting R – Dominus when below 50% of his maximum health
  • When Riven is at three stacks with Passive – Runic Blade, the duration now properly resets when one is used
  • Dead Kindred and Syndra no longer provide vision to their team
  • Item VFX are no longer visible on Neeko’s disguised clone
  • Aatrox’s R – World Ender now properly Fears and stops Zyra’s enraged Thorn Splitters
  • Nunu & Willump no longer get more movement speed than intended by eating a Honey Fruit right before casting W – Biggest Snowball Ever!
  • Nidalee’s Passive – Prowl loop SFX is now restored to base and all skins
  • Nidalee’s R – Aspect of the Cougar vocalization when transforming from Cougar to Human is now restored
  • Dawnbringer Nidalee’s Recall will no longer play her Q – Javelin Toss hit sound during the ground hit moment. In Cougar, her E – Swipe vocalization will now properly play.
  • Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s dance loop SFX now no longer continues to play if the animation is interrupted
  • Fixed a bug where Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s E – Comet of Legend loop SFX would continue to play endlessly if the player disconnected and reconnected before Aurelion Sol lands
  • Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s sound that plays when he stuns an enemy with his Q – Starsurge is now restored
  • The sound that plays when Mecha Aurelion Sol slows an enemy after being hit by his R – Voice of Light is now restored
  • Elise’s Spiderlings now properly play death sounds
  • Super Galaxy Elise’s dance SFX for both Human and Spider forms now loop properly
League of Legends

Caps passing Perkz as greatest western LoL player – Amazing & Munchables

Published: 23/Oct/2020 14:37

by Daniel Cleary


With the topic of the “greatest Western League of Legends player of all time” heating up once again, Maurice ‘Amazing’ Stückenschneider and Joseph ‘Munchables’ Fenny have explained why G2 Esports star Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther could be taking the number one spot over teammate Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic, in Dexerto’s recent Worlds 2020 review.

As Worlds 2020 is coming closer to declaring a new set of champions, one of the biggest talking points in the League of Legends community has been the overall performance of Western teams at the international event and the individual players who contribute to them.

After G2 Esports defeated Gen.G in the quarter-finals and cemented themselves as “the last Western hope” following Fnatic’s narrow defeat to Top Esports, it raised the question of who exactly is the best Western player of all time.

Speaking on the matter in our Worlds review, Amazing highlighted that Perkz being around for longer has let him build up a more impressive resume than his teammate, “Caps has the highest highs I would suppose and Perkz has the better career so far, because he has done more in his career so far.”

Is Caps better than Perkz?

Munchables followed up by adding that the success Caps has seen in such a short span of time can not go unnoticed when discussing the pair, making it even more difficult to rank who is truly the best player of all time.

“I honestly think the problem is Caps is too good,” he explained. “The amount of time he has been in the scene, versus the amount of time he has been successful, is such a one-sided ratio on the side of success.”

Munchables also claimed that Caps might have had a greater impact on the region as a whole, comparing the success of Europe internationally before and after his time on teams like G2 and Fnatic, who have both made appearances in the Worlds final with him on the roster.

“European success versus, before Caps and with Caps is so dramatically skewed to Caps being a part of that,” Munchables explained. “At this point, I find it almost unarguable that Caps is the best Western player of all time.”

Amazing later added that Perkz had paved the way for Caps to be the best in the west, after years of putting together a roster that is now helping the mid laner to shine on the biggest stage. “He’s granted Caps the ability to understand what winning really means.”

Only time will tell how each of these remarkable players will fare throughout the rest of their careers as there will be plenty of opportunities to sway public opinion. But for now, it will likely remain up for debate as the two G2 stars continue to perform on the Rift.