League of Legends Hexflash glitch ruins pro match by letting players instantly respawn

Carver Fisher
hexflash glitch

A Hexflash glitch is breaking League of Legends by letting players respawn instantly after death, and no one’s too sure why it’s happening.

With how often League of Legends is updated, a few bugs and glitches are bound to slip through the cracks.

It’s always frustrating to have a match ruined by a game-breaking bug. However, when bugs emerge in pro play, sometimes drastic actions have to be taken.

Hexflash glitch creates a death cycle for pro player

Game-breaking bugs come in all shapes and sizes. Some will make certain abilities or game mechanics unusable, while others will cause visual obstruction or irregularities that harm the gameplay experience.

While being able to respawn instantly isn’t as dramatically game-breaking as some other bugs, it can give some teams a serious advantage. Or, in the case of the clip below, trap someone in a purgatory of being repeatedly killed in their base.

In DRX vs. Nongshim RedForce Game 1 on August 5, 2022, this bug occurred for both DRX’s Cho ‘BeryL’ Geon-hee and Nongshim’s No ‘SnowFlower’ Hoi-jong, leaving both support players dazed and confused.

While the clip of SnowFlower being killed didn’t result in a pause, a prior occurance of the bug for BeryL did result in a lengthy pause.

Additionally, in the LJL (the League of Legends Japan League), a match between DetonatioN FocusMe and Sengoku Gaming was interrupted by the very same bug.

When respawn timers start to approach 40-50 seconds, it isn’t a stretch to call an instant respawn a legitimately game-breaking glitch.

Hexflash has already been banned in both the LEC and LCS, with other leagues likely to follow suit until this bug is fixed.

But fear not, this Hexflash glitch is only affecting the tournament realm used to play League of Legends for pro players. It’s been confirmed on an LEC broadcast announcement related to the bug that this glitch isn’t occurring on the live League of Legends client.

Content creator and former pro player Christian ‘IWDominate’ Rivera points out that LEC players getting very little prior notice for this change could drastically affect their matches.

After his initial tweet criticizing a lack of prior notice for the ruling, he goes on to explain how this could affect pro play in another tweet.

“Well right now people take hexflash on poppy and it has giga prio (opens up ability to traverse dragon/baron wall) so now you have to deprioritize the pick potentially which impacts drafting”

While removing a potentially game-breaking bug from happening in professional play is a good decision, there may be some tangible repercussions for the pros.

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