League devs confirm Arena mode isn’t going away forever

Josh Tyler
League of Legends Arena mode

The popular 2v2v2v2 mode in League of Legends, Arena, is going to be put to bed when the Soul Fighter event ends. But it won’t be gone forever.

Soul Fighter has proved to be one of the most popular in-game events Riot has ever done. Crossing over between multiple titles like League of Legends, TFT, and Legends of Runeterra, Soul Fighter brought a breath of fresh air to the games.

But perhaps the biggest addition from Soul Fighter was the League of Legends game mode Arena, which pits four teams of two players against each other in a knock-em-out brawl.

Arena was a smash success, so much so that players were sad to see it go at the end of Soul Fighter’s run. But worry not, it won’t be gone for good.

Riot announces return of Arena to League

In the most recent dev update video, Riot confirmed that, while Arena was still set to end on August 28, the last day of the Soul Fighter event, that’s not the end of the line for the mode.

The Arena team is currently hard at work making updates to the mode and “the next version of Arena will drop in early December,” the devs announced.

That updated version of Arena could potentially include new Augments, improved champion viability, map adjustments, and “ways of playing with more than just one friend.”

League players were, predictably, thrilled to see that this beloved game mode will be returning in just a few months.

Others, however, were not satisfied with Arena returning in this way, clamoring for Riot to confirm that it will be added back as a permanent game mode.

While those hopes are a bit far-fetched as it stands, League players won’t have to be without this new, extremely popular, mode for too long.

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