League of Legends 2020 Worlds song possibly leaked on Chinese server

Michael Gwilliam
A new song plays on the Chinese LoL client

The wait may be over for fans anxiously awaiting the League of Legends 2020 Worlds song as a mysterious new track has shown up on the Chinese servers.

Every year like clockwork, Riot releases a new song to mark the World Championships and some tunes have been real bangers. The last three, in particular, have been extremely popular in the form of Legends Never Die in 2017, Rise in 2018, and last year’s Phoenix.

Now, it seems like the 2020 song may have been leaked too, well ahead of the September 25 start date.

The music was first noted by League of Legends journalist Ran who uploaded a video of the in-game client to Twitter. “What’s this song? New League song? Been auto-playing on Tencent League client all day it seems.”

It doesn’t take a music expert to notice similarities in tone between this unnamed song and other Worlds tunes.

The track features a female vocalist singing about competing – a very common motif for Worlds songs.

Notably, the lyrics mention “fire in your soul,” and this “being the fight of your life.” Worlds songs often have lyrics that directly refer to the audience themselves.

FunPlus Phoenix win the LoL 2019 Worlds
FunPlus Phoenix captured glory in 2019.

On Reddit, some users aren’t too happy with the song, believing it to be generic. “Feels like they just fed all the old Worlds songs into an AI to have it make a new song,” the top voted comment reads.

“Hope not, it sounds painfully generic,” Sodafishh commented.

“I agree that it sounds pretty bad, but it also definitely sounds like a Worlds song. It checks all the boxes. Very disappointing,” Fuzzikopf complained.

We won’t have long to wait to find out for sure if this is the Worlds song or possibly something else entirely. The 2020 Worlds starts September 25 and ends October 31.

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