League Challenger blasts “toxic” Twitch streamers TFBlade, Tyler1, more

Alan Bernal

League of Legends Challenger ‘Nikkone’ blasted the streaming community around the game for its toxicity, including personalities like Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, Julian ‘Tarzaned’ Farokhian, Ashkan ‘TFBlade’ Homayouni, and more.

There are popular personalities in League whose opinions are held in really high esteem by members of the community, largely due to their exceptional prowess in Riot’s 5v5 MOBA. But the personalities themselves are giving audiences a “bad vibe” on the whole, which has left its mark on the gaming community, according to Nikkone.

“Gaming communities didn’t used to be like this,” he said. “People that acted in an abrasive, toxic manner were not really given a platform.”

He noted a parallel between the bad behaviors of present streamers to those of pioneer gamers who had short-lived success because of their attitudes. The big difference being that people who he believes are ‘toxic’ have found sustained success in the current era.

The one-trick Fiddlesticks player highlighted clips of these streamers showing eccentric frustration in the moments before, during, or after a League game.

It’s this kind of personality that doesn’t sit well with Nikkone, especially because of the repercussions that these outbursts have in regards to weaponizing a large Twitch following.

Thousands of other people shared similar sentiments that the video is raising, as the lax and empathetic side of the community has been waning away faster than the polar ice caps.

“The old streamers that used to stream League, like [Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill] and the [Brian ‘TheOddOne’ Wyllie], they don’t stream League anymore. I feel like they were a better role models for the game,” Nikkone said.

While clips were mostly centered around TF Blade being toxic on stream, this theme has been echoed across the League communities, from small-time streamers to internationally recognized esports stars.

TF Blade himself was ousted from the League Partner Program on July 29. Riot wasn’t happy with the lack of improvement to his attitude in League since he was first put on a probationary period in March 2020.

This has been a point of emphasis for people in all corners of the gaming industry, and League players are voicing their support for one another in leading a community-wide change.