LCS 2022 Mid-Season Showdown will have a live audience

André González Rodríguez

Following months of silence since the initial announcement, the LCS 2022 Mid-Season Showdown will have a live audience.

Ever since the ongoing health crisis began in early 2020, the LCS—like other leagues around the world—ceased to continue live events, moving the matches to solely online-based play. This meant that players had to play not only the remainder of the 2020 season from a remote location but a good portion of the 2021 season as well.

It led to Riot testing the waters with several attempts at LAN events without a crowd such as the LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre as well as the 2021 LCS Championship at the Prudential Center in New Jersey which was later relocated to the LCS Arena.

100 Thieves with LCS trophy
100 Thieves are the 2021 LCS Champions.

However, once in 2022, this changed as Riot announced that the LCS 2022 Mid-Season Showdown will be played in Houston, Texas.

LCS 2022 Mid-Season Showdown to have live audience

After seven months of silence following the initial announcement, the LCS’ new commissioner, Jackie ‘Jack’ Felling confirmed that the league is still hosting the upcoming 2022 Mid-Season Showdown at the NRG Stadium In Houston Texas and that it will have a live audience.

In a Reddit comment, Felling reassured a fan that the LCS was still moving ahead with the finals and that the team will announce “tickets and other details in the coming weeks.”

FlyQuest celebrating on stage after LCS win
The 2022 LCS Season has been played from the LCS Arena.

“As you can imagine COVID/pandemic makes event planning much more complicated and we are pushing to get out details ASAP,” wrote Felling. “We’re pumped to finally be in Texas and appreciate everyone understanding as we work through these last little details to get out tickets soon.”

Additionally, Felling also discussed the possibility of fans returning to the LCS studio, “There are internal regulations and other parties/factors that weigh in not just city regulations that affect this. We will be announcing fans back in the LCS studio soon, but are still working through some things.”

The 2022 Mid-Season Showdown on April 23 and 24 would signify the LCS’ first event with a crowd in nearly two years.

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