YamatoCannon slams Karmine Corp after controversial LEC coach firing

Carver Fisher
YamatoCannon puts KCorp on blastWojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

YamatoCannon being taken out of the coaching role on Karmine Corp was a controversial decision from the moment the info came out, and he’s followed up to call out the org directly. Yamato claims him being replaced is a “terrible decision”, and that upper management didn’t give him enough time with the team.

YamatoCannon is one of few coaches within the LoL esports ecosystem who has some real star power. He’s coached in a number of regions and has been in the scene for years and has always shown passion for the players on any team he’s been a part of.

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That’s no different for Karmine Corp, a team that, even after being replaced as Head Coach, he’s still rooting for. Despite Yamato’s outspoken passion for the team and their improvement, he was replaced in the wake of KCorp’s disastrous LEC debut.

He argued that three weeks wasn’t nearly long enough to mold the team into what he wanted it to be, claiming that he disagreed with the decision KCorp’s upper management made and claimed that they’re making a “terrible decision.”

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YamatoCannon fires back at KCorp following LEC coaching swap

While Yamato himself admitted that he’s biased to favor himself staying with the team, he also claimed his years of experience have taught him that building a good team takes time.

And, while YamatoCannon claims that he and all the players on the team are still in good standing, he wasn’t so happy with the decision that upper management made to swap him out after just a few weeks.

“After a very short amount of time, I have been removed from my duties as the head coach of the LEC team. As I mentioned before, I was caught off guard. For me, there was no real writing on the wall. I said this to the upper management, and I will say this to you, too: I believe Karmine Corp is making a terrible decision. I think they are making a mistake,” he claimed.

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“I believe, plain and simple, that I should have been given more time.”

This is a sentiment many agreed with, whether it be KCorp fans or content creators that have interacted with YamatoCannon in the past.

Some, like Caedrel, felt that he really deserved more time and that he did the best he could with the hand he was given.

Meanwhile, others like IWDominate believe that “loyalty is dead in esports,” after a move like this.

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It remains to be seen if a change in coaching staff brings this roster prosperity, or if KCorp have made a dire mistake in letting go of the esteemed coach.

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