huhi reunites with Stixxay on Golden Guardians for LCS 2023

huhi stixxay reunited Golden GuardiansGolden Guardians

huhi played alongside Stixxay on the CLG roster that almost won MSI in 2016, and now they’ve been reunited in the bot lane and are playing for Golden Guardians in LCS 2023.

At one point in time, CLG came out of nowhere with a brand new roster and became one of the best teams in the LCS. Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-hyun was a mid laner at the time, alongside Trevor ‘Stixxay’ Hayes in the mid lane. The two went their separate ways since being on CLG together, but have remained in and around the LCS in some capacity since.

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Meanwhile, huhi’s transition to support was a gamble. In order to stay competitive, he thought a roleswap was necessary. It’s rare pro players can roleswap like huhi has and have enough staying power to be on top of the LCS, but this player has earned a regional title in both roles.

Now, he’s back to the team that first gave him a chance as a support player with the ADC that brought him his very first LCS title.

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huhi and Stixxay reunited on Golden Guardians in LCS 2023

huhi got his start as a support player with Golden Guardians, spending two years between their LCS and academy teams while he got the hang of the role. He’d go on to win a regional title with 100 Thieves as a support player, 5 years after his regional win as a mid laner in 2016 alongside Stixxay.

Now, after two years with 100T, huhi has come back to Golden Guardians as a part of their roster rebuild.

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If Golden Guardian’s announcement video is anything to go off of, these two are happy to be playing together again.

According to Travis Gafford’s sources, Kim ‘Gori’ Tae-woo will be finishing out Golden Guardians roster. This would make Golden Guardians’ projected roster Eric ‘Licorice’ Ritchie, Kim ‘River’ Dong-woo, Gori, Stixxay, and huhi.

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