G2’s impressive scrim results betray their lackluster Worlds 2023 showing

Declan Mclaughlin
G2 Esports at Worlds 2023

A day after G2 Esports were eliminated from Worlds 2023 by BLG, the team’s manager posted their grueling scrim schedule and results.

G2 Esports lost to Bilibili Gaming in the final round of the Swiss Stage 2-1 and were eliminated from the Leageu of Legends World Championship on October 29. The European team was the LEC’s last hope of making the Knockout Stage of the tournament. The squad was also considered the top Western team going into the tournament thanks to their meta innovations and practice reputation.

Following their elimination, G2’s manager posted a heartfelt thread on the lengths the team went to in order to be ready to compete and win Worlds 2023.

“We wanted to win Worlds. We crafted a really tryhard approach combining all our players and staff experiences, and we swore to give it all. I’ve never seen a group so completely buying into a project for so many months in a row.” G2 manager Romain Bigeard said.

“We played 900+ scrims, countless soloQ, VODs, 1v1, 2v2, daily 1o1, we controlled our food, our sleep, the way we talk, we breathe, exercise, energise, how we recover, our offdays, gamedays, traveldays. Never surrender, tryhard scrims, challenge the comfort zone, discuss every details. We really thought that we would go far.”

G2 manager reveals the team’s Worlds 2023 scrim results

To show the lengths G2 went to in practice, Romain posted the team’s daily tracking system and scrim results from the pre-season up to Worlds 2023, as well as the team’s results through the entire year. These photos included solo queue results, meetings between players and staff and video review sessions.

The scrim results and schedule showcase a team that seems to be incredibly dedicated to grinding out top-level practice against opponents.

Leading up to their final three series losses to Gen.G, NRG Esports and BLG, G2 defeated BLG 4-2 in a scrim block and consistently took down some of the best teams from the LPL, LCK and LCS across the month of October.

However, despite their stellar practice results, G2 could not put together the same results on the international stage. Their loss to NRG has made waves in the international community, and has surely lit a fire in G2 to make sure things end differently in 2024.