G2 Caps’ dad challenges FPX Doinb to dance-off at Worlds 2019 final

Joe O'Brien

G2 Esports mid-laner Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther’s dad, Michael Winther, has challenged FunPlus Phoenix mid-laner ‘Doinb’ to a dance-off at the League of Legends World Championship.

G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix are set to clash in the finals of the 2019 World Championship, which is taking place on Sunday November 10 at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris.

It seems that another battle could be set to take place, however, as Caps’ dad has challenged his son’s opposite number to a dance-off, after showing off his skills in a short video on Twitter.

Fans of Caps will undoubtedly be familiar with his dad, who makes regular appearances in the crowd while supporting his son at matches, and has become something of a fan-favorite in his own right. The video is a response to a video tweeted by Doinb himself at G2 Esports captain Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic.

Perkz himself had previously announced that he was staying in the room next door to Doinb, and had joked that he might “knock on his door every hour on game day night” to prevent both players from sleeping, leaving a key player from each team tired for the final.

The two teams might be set to face off in what will arguably be the most important match of their careers, but it hasn’t stopped them from keeping things light-hearted on social media, a tone that fans of both G2 and Doinb will be familiar with from their usual personas.

Despite the jokes, however, there’s a huge amount on the line in the Worlds final. No matter who takes it, the winner will leave a permanent mark on League of Legends history.

G2 Esports would not only be the first European team to win the title in the modern era, but also the world first to complete the grand slam – both domestic titles, MSI, and Worlds all in one year. FPX, meanwhile, is looking to win in their international debut, and also establish China as the dominant region with back-to-back Worlds wins for representatives of the LPL.

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