FPX Lwx chat logs leak: “FPX has disbanded” after Worlds 2021 exit

FunPlus Phoenix at Worlds 2021Riot Games

FPX star AD Carry Lwx revealed that the League of Legends roster has disbanded following a disappointing Worlds 2021, according to translated chat logs from a stream.

FunPlus Phoenix entered the tournament as a favorite to take home their second Summoner’s Cup. However, the team fell short in the group stage going 0-4 in the second week of the round-robin. They finished last in Group A.

During his own stream, FPX starting AD Carry Lin ‘Lwx’ Wei-Xiang revealed his in-game chat log with another player.

When translated the messages revealed that the FPX lineup has disbanded following their performance at the 2021 World Championship.

FPX Lwx chat logs leak: "FPX has disbanded" after Worlds 2021 exitRiot Games / FPX
FPX won Worlds back in 2019 but now are rumored to be broken up following a disappointing performance at Worlds 2021.

Lwx claims FPX disbanded following Worlds exit

Taken straight from Lwx’s October 30 stream, a Reddit thread translated a conversation to English which revealed that “FPX has disbanded.”

Full translation:

“Who is it then?”

“FPX has disbanded.”

“Just rebuild, you are the core member.”

“I ran away.”

” You won’t be able to run. You forced the Taiwanese away.”



Lwx ADC ChatLwx
The screenshot shows Lwx’s chat logs revealing FPX has disbanded.

This is a monster claims as the roster currently holds four of the five members from the 2019 Worlds Championship lineup. It could be possible that Lwx was just trolling his viewers and the LoL community by saying the team disbanded.

For now, we will have to wait to see how things unfold or if FPX makes an official statement. Dexerto has reached out to FunPlus Pheonix for comment and will update you if more information becomes available.