T1 coaches on NA and EU improvement: Teams need to “find the issue inside them”

T1 during Worlds 2021 semifinalsRiot Games

Cloud9 coach Alfonso ‘mithy’ Aguirre Rodríguez called the pro League format “unfair” following Cloud9’s Worlds quarterfinal loss to Gen.G.

Meanwhile, G2 jungler Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski argued that western teams fare worse internationally due to playing fewer games.

However, when asked about the issue after their team’s semifinal loss to DWG KIA, T1 coaches Stardust and Moment felt the problem lay with the teams, not the format.

Mithy at Worlds 2021Riot Games
Cloud9 coach Mithy was particularly vocal about the disadvantage western teams held in the current professional format

“I have experienced the environment in America, and I don’t think you can blame the environment other than the solo queue ping,” Stardust said.

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At Worlds 2021, the West suffered their worst-ever performance on the international stage, failing to win a single game in the knockout stages after the 2-4 Cloud9 and 3-3 MAD Lions qualified out of the group stage.

This led to a number of western-based League professionals voicing their opinion of their perceived advantage held by the likes of the LPL and LCK.

“Given the results they have achieved,” Stardust explained, “I don’t think they can complain about the structure.

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“For example, if it was G2 complaining about the structure after having so much success, I would understand their point. But it’s not the case, so I think they have to find the issue inside of them.”

Perkz at Worlds 2021Riot Games
Cloud9 crashed out of Worlds in a 3-0 sweep to Gen.G

A number of western teams are set to undergo significant rebuilds during the 2021 offseason. G2 have benched three starters and their coach while TSM could lose up to three starters.

There are big shakeups ahead for NA and EU. But Moment believes meaningful improvement will come from gameday preparation and adaptability.

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“I think you have to focus on your opponent and adjust your play,” he said.

Both Cloud9 and MAD Lions were swept 3-0 by Gen.G and DWG KIA, respectively. While each series featured close matches, the LCK teams were able to dispatch their western opponents with relative ease.

While the debate over the parity of League’s format is likely to continue, the question remains as to whether the West will be able to challenge the LCK heading into 2022.

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