Fnatic’s Nemesis slams League of Legends’ new Pro View feature

LOL Esports

League of Legends fan are now able to watch the POV of their favorite professional players and teams with Pro View, giving them a better understanding of the game. However, not everyone is happy about it.

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Riot Games released the new Pro View system for the 2019 Summer Split, giving fans who purchase the add-on the chance to learn from the best by watching what they do instead of the game as a whole. 

Players have already been wowed by the POV of LoL superstar Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok during his battle with G2 at MSI 2019. Yet, not every professional player has taken its addition all that well.

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LOL EsportsPlayers can watch a multitude of different things in-game with Pro View.

One vocal detractor of came in the form of Fnatic’s Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovšek, who ripped the new tool while chatting with fans on Twitch.

During his June 3 stream, the Fnatic star let his feeling about Pro View loose, stating that it was going to drive him to use Twitch even more. “Now that Riot released the Pro View stream, or whatever its called, I will be streaming much more because I see no point of not streaming anymore since everyone can see how I play anyway.”

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Clearly not a fan of the addition, the Slovenian added: “It’s like one of the worst things that Riot could do to pro players that are good but yeah.”

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While Riot have stated that Pro View will go a long way in improving the game and helping LoL esports with the money they make, clearly Nemesis doesn’t see that way – not yet, at least, anyway.

The add-on is available to purchase from the LoL Esports website for $14.99/€14.99, if players just want to watch matches from their home region. For those who want to watch pro LoL matches from around the world in Pro View, an all-access version is available for $19.99/€19.99.

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