League of Legends works on Apple Vision Pro & players don’t know how to feel

Declan Mclaughlin
League Apple Vision Pro

Apple released the Vision Pro headset on February 2 and someone has already showcased League of Legends running on the device, leaving players with mixed feelings.

The Apple Vision Pro headset has set the internet on fire as people showcase its technology and also get up to real-world antics while wearing the device.

Some have even streamed their gaming console to the device, thereby playing games without the use of a television. While a neat feature, users had to jump through some hoops to set it up and also needed to fork over $3,499 to purchase the Vision Pro.

A post on the League of Legends subreddit showcased a user playing the MOBA using the Vision Pro and players are mixed on its use.

League of Legends on the Apple Vision Pro

Reddit user WaitingRoomSynthesis posted a video of themselves playing League while having multiple tabs open in the VR headset. While playing in a custom game as Ezreal, they also had open a Safari tab with a build guide for the champion, a Twitch stream of someone playing League, and a Discord tab open.

The poster explains in the comments that he used the Mac mirror feature and played with a mouse and keyboard.

League players seem mixed on the showcase, with some saying it looks neat and others doubting its viability in a real match.

“Expensive way to buy 2 extra monitors,” one comment said.

The poster said that he was just showcasing that it was possible and wasn’t trying to suggest it as the best way to the game.

“Wow it’s like playing a videogame in the worst manner possible,” another user said.

Whether playing the MOBA in this manner will catch on has yet to be seen. However, based on the reaction from players, it won’t be widely adopted anytime soon.

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