Fiddlesticks mains rejoice League patch 12.13 buffs: “All praise the scarecrow”

star nemesis fiddlesticksRiot Games

Fiddlesticks mains have been elated since League patch 12.13 granted massive buffs to the jungler, but players are concerned his massive boost in win-rate could lead to future nerfs.

League of Legends patch 12.13 was a massive one for Fiddlesticks players.

The Ancient Fear received considerable buffs to the fear duration on his Q, Terrify, as well as massive damage buffs to his ultimate, Crowstorm.

On top of that, the Star Guardian event brought him his first skin release in over two years with Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks.

While Fiddle mains have been on cloud nine, some are concerned the huge buffs could ultimately lead to even stronger nerfs down the line.

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Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
Fiddlesticks was reworked in Season 10.

Fiddlesticks mains concerned huge buffs were overkill

On July 14, Reddit user TGDenzel posted to the FiddlesticskMains subreddit a post rejoicing the buffs as well as the launch of his new skin.

They said, “I had abandoned our boy fiddle but I’m back baby! What a good day to be a fiddle main.”

Another user replied with joy, “New skin and a really good 53.8% win rate and 5% pick rate, all praise the scarecrow.”

According to stat tracking site lolalytics, Fiddlesticks has a 53.56% win rate in Platinum+ levels of play, good enough for the top ten of eligible junglers. The spike in win rate is an enormous leap from patch 12.12, where he was 49.57%.

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Some Fiddle players have begun to worry that the quick jump in power for the jungler could spell nerfs in the long-term.

One user cautioned, “Looking too good to be honest, his win rate is insane. Nerfs next patch are almost certain, let’s just hope he settles at 52% after those.”

While much of the spotlight for hotfix nerfs have were centered on Master Yi and new champion Nilah, there is growing concern Fiddle could be on the chopping block for patch 12.14

Until then, the good times are rolling for Fiddlesticks.