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Counter Logic Gaming face heavy backlash from fans over jersey redesign

Published: 14/Jan/2019 23:24 Updated: 15/Jan/2019 0:00

by Alan Bernal


The new season of the League of Legends Championship Series is fast approaching and fans have been clamoring for their favorite teams to get back into the limelight, until Counter Logic Gaming announced their new 2019 jerseys.

Esports teams usually like to keep their threads fresh by introducing a redesign for every new year of competition; but CLG has been under fire for their latest designs that seem to be heavily inspired by another prominent North American organization.


Soon after CLG announced their new jerseys for 2019, they were met with harsh criticism on social media because of the kit’s similar color palette and design to Cloud9’s iconic white and blue shirts.

The organization have experienced a sort of lull with its fans but the new jerseys have hit a sore spot for those that have stayed loyal to the brand.


“Seriously, I hate them,” Reddit user CounterInsanity said. “Why not keep the Blue and Black? We had one of the better color combinations in Esports IMO. Make the designs different, don’t change the colors. These are awful.”

The comments weren’t any better from there. Across Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, fans are headstrong in noting their disappointment with the latest look for the legendary team.

Cloud9 StoreSome CLG fans expressed their concerns with the similarities to the Cloud9 apparel.

“Why are people fans of CLG? The legacy. What is left of the legacy? The name CLG and the colors black and blue. But let’s just keep driving this org into the dirt and change the colors when literally no one ever wanted that. Good business decisions as usual CLG,” said Twitter user StormBred.


CLG has taken some hits as of late, but all can be forgiven with great performances on the Rift. The org will play their first game of the LCS on January 26 against OpTic Gaming.

LoL Worlds 2020

Wunder praises Caps “1v9 carry” as G2 3-0 Gen.G at Worlds 2020

Published: 18/Oct/2020 15:07

by Luke Edwards


G2 Esports smashed Gen.G to reach the League of Legends Worlds 2020 semifinals with a punishing 3-0 victory, as the West’s only hope continues to battle on.

It was this G2 roster that put the nail into the SKT and LCK dynasty’s coffin as they extended their perfect record with a near-flawless victory.


As the final representatives of the LEC at Worlds, the pressure was on for G2 to perform. And, despite a late game three fightback from Gen.G, the Europeans’ victory was never really in doubt.


Caps was the star of the show, channeling his Claps form with two dominating Sylas performances and fully stacking his Mejai’s Soulstealer in game two. Perkz was equally exceptional on Jhin, perfectly timing his curtain calls and hitting a beautifully timed QSS on a Twisted Fate gold card in game three.

While Gen.G often came out of the laning phase either even or ahead, G2 destroyed them in teamfights and small skirmishes with better mechanical play and punishing even the slightest Gen.G mispositioning.

Even though Rascal’s Volibear won Gen.G a lone game three teamfight to give them hope, G2 completely outclassed the LCK hopefuls.


The closest G2 came to throwing actually came after the game, when Wunder and Perkz threatened to catapult Caps off the stage.

G2’s performance provides a timely reminder that the west can match anyone in pursuit of the Summoners Cup this year.

Post-game reactions

In each game, G2 managed to force a level one flash out of a Gen.G player. So, despite his exceptional performances on Pantheon and Rakan, support Mikyx was quick to credit G2 analyst Duffman for their “broken” level one success.


Wunder gave his full reaction to the match in a video interview after they closed out the 3-0, praising Caps’ incredible individual performance.

G2 botlane substitute P1noy showed us a picture of a thrilled Mikyx:


And, while they lost, Gen.G appeared upbeat and issued this heartwarming message to their supporters:

G2 faces LCK champions DAMWON Gaming in the semifinals on Saturday, October 24.