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League of Legends

League of Legends: All LEC roster moves for the 2019 Spring Split

Published: 29/Nov/2018 18:41 Updated: 18/Jan/2019 18:05

by Joe O'Brien


The League of Legends off-season is in full swing, with teams all around the world looking to rebuild their rosters for the coming year.

Latest update: exceL Esports add three-time European champion

In the newly-rebranded League of Legends European Championship (LEC), established teams are looking to consolidate their positions, while new entrants to the league are building all-new squads.

To help you keep up with all of the changes, we’ve put together a list of all of the teams’ current rosters.

All rosters listed here include players that are currently officially signed by the respective team. Line-ups remain subject to change as the off-season progresses, and will be updated when official announcements are made.



Current roster:

Player Role Previous Team
Gabriël ‘Bwipo‘ Rau Top Fnatic
Mads ‘Broxah‘ Brock-Pedersen Jungle Fnatic
Tim ‘Nemesis‘ Lipovšek Mid MAD Lions
Martin ‘Rekkles‘ Larsson AD Carry Fnatic
Zdravets ‘Hylissang‘ Iliev Galabov Support Fnatic

G2 Esports


Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Martin ‘Wunder‘ Hansen Top G2 Esports
Marcin ‘Jankos‘ Jankowski Jungle G2 Esports
Rasmus ‘Caps‘ Winther Mid Fnatic
Luka ‘Perkz‘ Perković AD Carry G2 Esports
Mihael ‘Mikyx‘ Mehle Support Misfits

Misfits Gaming


Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Paul ‘sOAZ‘ Boyer Top Fnatic
Nubar ‘Maxlore‘ Sarafian Jungle Misfits
Fabian ‘Febiven‘ Diepstraten Mid Clutch Gaming
Steven ‘Hans Sama‘ Liv AD Carry Misfits
Kang ‘GorillA‘ Beom-hyeon Support Kingzone DragonX

Team Vitality

Current Roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Lucas ‘Cabochard‘ Simon-Meslet Top Vitality
Lee ‘Mowgli‘ Jae-ha Jungle Afreeca Freecs
Daniele ‘Jizuke‘ di Mauro Mid Vitality
Amadeu ‘Attila‘ Carvalho AD Carry Vitality
Jakub ‘Jactroll‘ Skurzyński Support Vitality

FC Schalke 04

Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Andre ‘Odoamne‘ Pascu Top Splyce
Jonas ‘Memento‘ Elmarghichi Jungle Roccat
Felix ‘Abbedagge‘ Braun Mid Royal Bandits
Elias ‘Upset‘ Lipp AD Carry FC Schalke 04
Lee ‘IgNar‘ Dong-geun Support bbq Olivers



Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Barney ‘Alphari‘ Morris Top Misfits
Jonas ‘Kold‘ Andersen Jungle Unicorns of Love
Erlend ‘Nukeduck‘ Våtevik Holm Mid FC Schalke 04
Patrik ‘Patrik‘ Jírů AD Carry H2k Esports
Alfonso ‘Mithy‘ Aguirre Rodriguez Support Team SoloMid


Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Kim ‘Profit‘ Jun-hyun Top Roccat
Mateusz ‘Kikis‘ Szkudlarek Jungle Vitality
Chres ‘Sencux‘ Laursen Mid Misfits
Martin ‘HeaQ‘ Kordmaa AD Carry Roccat
Kim ‘Wadid‘ Bae-in Support G2 Esports


Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Tamás ‘Vizicsacsi‘ Kiss Top FX Schalke 04
Andrei ‘Xerxe‘ Dragomir Jungle Splyce
Marek ‘Humanoid‘ Brázda Mid Illuminar Gaming
Kasper ‘Kobbe‘ Kobberup AD Carry Splyce
Tore ‘Norskeren‘ Hoel Eilertsen Support Roccat

exceL Esports


Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Ki ‘Expect‘ Dae-han Top
Marc ‘Caedral‘ Robert Lamont Jungle H2k Gaming
Fabian ‘Exileh‘ Schubert Mid Unicorns of Love
Jesper ‘Jeskla‘ Klarin AD Carry Movistar Ryders
Raymond ‘kaSing‘ Tsang Support H2k Esports

SK Gaming

Current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Jorge ‘Werlyb‘ Casanovas Top MAD Lions
Oskar ‘Selfmade‘ Boderek Jungle MAD Lions
Choi ‘Pirean‘ Jun-sik Mid SK Telecom T1
Juš ‘Crownshot‘ Marušič AD Carry MAD Lions
Han ‘Dreams‘ Min-kook Support Vitality Academy
League of Legends

Riot dev responds to broken League damage bug with Ravenous Hydra

Published: 28/Nov/2020 18:15

by Daniel Cleary


A Riot Games developer has responded to a bizarre bug in League of Legends, which is preventing the Ravenous Hydra from working with certain champions’ abilities in-game.

Riot Games introduced plenty of changes in the 2021 preseason patch such as completely revamping the League Item Shop and items to improve the game’s experience before Season 11 kicks off.

Ravenous Hydra is one of the items that has remained in League, but it received some updated stats amid the changes. The item still provides players with lifesteal, in the form of Omnivamp, but Riot has now removed the Crescent Active and added 20 Ability Haste in its place.

However, one thing that has not changed much is the item’s passive ability Cleave, which allows basic attacks and abilities to trigger extra damage, which varies based on the distance between targets.

Urgot's splash artLeague players called for a Ravenous Hydra fix after a glitch was found with champions like Urgot.

There are some champions with abilities that had unique interactions with this item, such as Aphelios’ Severum Q, but players have now noticed a bug, which stops it from working correctly with certain champions.

The issue was raised with League dev Riot Phlox, with one Redditor explaining that champions with multi-hit abilities, like Urgots W, Renekton W, and Warwick’s Ult seem to be where the problem lies.

Riot Phlox responded to the bug, revealing that they are now aware of the unusual damage glitch with Ravenous Hydra and that it would be passed on to the League Dev team.

“I’ll pass this along so we can make sure there are eyes on it, thanks!” the League dev responded, confirming they would soon be working on it.

However, he also revealed that he was unsure just when a fix might be issued for this broken damage bug, adding that they “can’t give a timeframe.”

While it is unclear when the patch will arrive in League of Legends, this will still come as good news to Urgot mains, and those who play similar champs, after they were quite vocal on this issue, as it will soon allow them to have more build options in-game.