Camille in firing line for long-awaited League of Legends nerfs early next season

Camille from League of LegendsRiot Games

The League of Legends balance team has confirmed solo queue terror Camille is in the firing line for major nerfs early in Season 12, as her win rate in ranked continues to soar at the end of the competitive season.

Camille has emerged as one of the major meta threats late on in League of Legends Season 11, dominating top lane and much of the Rift as an unstoppable bruiser.

She remained relatively undervalued by most League players early on in this season, but the spotlight has well and truly turned on the Steel Shadow, especially after Riot gave her “Precision Protocol” ability some extra tools too. Now she’s flown up the meta ranks,  and has settled at a 52.51% ranked win rate.

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On top of that, she appears in more than 12% of games.

The Gray Lady’s solo queue rise has finally turned Riot’s focus towards her, and the League of Legends devs are now planning some major nerfs to curb her power.

Riot GamesRiot Games
Camille has been terrorizing League of Legends solo queue this season.

Dev Phlox, who took the League of Legends balancing reins from departed Rioter Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu recently, confirmed Camille nerfs are in the works on Nov. 4.

Riot were forced to rush out several nerfs for Xayah and Vi, who had hit critical mass regarding their ranked victories, clocking 55% win rates. The League hotfix sparked player questions regarding Camille, and Phlox answered.

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“I understand the Camille frustration,” Phlox wrote on Reddit late on November 4, “and personally, I am frustrated playing against her too, she’s not the same degree of powerful [as Xayah and Vi were] right now. Instead, she’s the kind of League of Legends character we would address in a normal update.”

Expect changes for Camille in early 2022, the LoL dev revealed: “[Any nerfs] won’t be next patch, that’s Season 12’s preseason update, and not really a balance patch.”

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Camille Stargazer from LoL Wild Rift.Riot Games
The Steel Shadow will be on the Riot chopping block early in Season 12.

One way the League balance team could target the Gray Lady is through her Hook Shot attack speed, which allows her to bully most rivals. The same can be said for Q ⁠— “Precision Protocol” ⁠— which she levels first. Taking damage out of the re-castable ability would reduce her strength in the early game.

Taking heal out of “Tactical Sweep” is another option.

Riot could also target Camille via her most picked League of Legends mythic, Divine Sunderer, which has become the go-to item for bruisers in recent updates.

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