Bwipo leaving social media “indefinitely” after abuse hurled at girlfriend during Worlds

Ben Mock
Bwipo focuses at Worlds 2021

Fnatic jungler Gabriël ‘Bwipo’ Rau has announced he’s leaving social media “indefinitely” following viral speculation about his relationship with the team, and online abuse directed at his girlfriend.

Fnatic crashed out of Worlds 2021, but following the tournament it is their jungler who is attracting headlines.

One week after he unfollowed the organization and several prominent executives on Twitter, Bwipo announced he was leaving social media.

In a lengthy post on TwitLonger, Bwipo stated he was doing this primarily due to the abuse his partner has received.

Bwipo reacts at Worlds 2021
Bwipo announced his departure from social media following turmoil in both his professional and personal life

Bwipo quits social media

Fnatic went 1-5 in the Worlds 2021 group stage, following the last-minute withdrawal of their starting AD Carry, Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp.

However, rumors and speculation had begun to spread across social media after it was reported that Bwipo had unfollowed Fnatic’s official Twitter account after their loss to Hanwha Life Esports on day one of the Worlds group stage.

While Bwipo dismissed his unfollow spree as simply taking a social media break, it left fans worried that all was not well in the Fnatic camp.

The rumor mill down died for the rest of the week but was reawoken on October 18, one day after Fnatic crashed out of Worlds.

Bwipo dropped a link to a TwitLonger entitled ‘Worlds and who made it work.’

In the nearly 1000-word post, Bwipo discussed his relationship with his long-time partner Lena, better known by her streaming handle ‘AdorableCarry’.

Bwipo said he had “hurt her badly” prior to leaving for Iceland in order to compete at Worlds 2021.

However, he went on to credit her unconditional support over the previous weeks for helping bring the team together in the face of adversity.

Bwipo smiles at Worlds 2021
Bwipo credited the comradery felt by Fnatic to his partner, Lena

“I can tell you with confidence that the only reason Fnatics [sic] week 2 wasn’t void of hope completely, is thanks to her.” Bwipo said in his post.

A close up of Bwipo at Worlds
Bwipo’s decision to leave social media was spurred by abuse directed at this girlfriend

As for why he was leaving social media, the reason once again revolved around Lena.

“Lena received death threats from my community. From my fans. My organizations [sic] fans. She was berated for weeks, and I stood there and let it happen. Because I let her put me first.” Bwipo revealed.

“I’ll be leaving indefinitely myself. I’m exhausted. I gave it my all and watched my significant other take the blame for issues that had NOTHING to do with us. I regret everything about that.” he continued.

While Bwipo may have left social media, the fallout from his revelation is likely to persist. It will likely heighten as November 15, the date Bwipo’s current contract with Fnatic expires, approaches.

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