Aurelion Sol and Annie hotfix nerfed immediately after LoL patch 13.3

Riot Games

Less than 2 days after LoL patch 13.3 went live, the newly reworked Aurelion Sol and heavily buffed Annie have been hotfix nerfed. You can find the full set of changes to both champions here.

Aurelion Sol’s rework has been a hit so far, with his play rate debuting higher than it’s been since the champion was first released. And he’s got an extremely high win rate despite having just been released, meaning players are clicking with his kit.

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That said, a champion with a 22% pick rate and a 53% win rate is likely a little too strong. And the only champion that has a higher win rate than him is Annie, who’s at almost 56% in two different roles.

So, to help curb these champions’ insanely high win rates following their buffs, they have been almost immediately hotfixed.

Aurelion Sol and Annie hotfixed to curb insanely high win rates

Annie’s changes were listed as “nerfs” in the patch notes before she hit the Rift on LoL patch 13.3 and proceeded to demolish in both support and mid-lane. To read more about what made her so strong on that opening day, you can read our piece about it here.

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As for Aurelion Sol, his rework changed every aspect of his kit. Players are still learning about what makes him strong. And, despite a few game-breaking bugs being introduced alongside his launch, his play rate is one of the highest in the game, and he’s exceptionally strong at all levels of play.

While both champions are receiving nerfs, Aurelion Sol’s changes cut some of his numbers in half. A Riot developer followed up on the changes in a Twitter post explaining why these nerfs are so massive.

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Most recent champions in League of Legends start with a low win rate due to their complexity. Champions like Zeri and K’Sante, that would go on to be nightmare champions in high levels of play, started out with win rates that hovered around the 40% mark as players got over their steep learning curves.

Riot Yelough called A Sol’s win rate “spooky” due to the way players tend to get over that skill curve and gain deeper mastery of new champions over the days following their release.

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As a result, Aurelion Sol could see some buffs depending on how his win rate adjusts after these nerfs. Here’s the full list of changes to both champions. This hotfix is live now.


Base Stats

  • Armor per level: 5.2 >>> 4.7

E: Molten Shield

  • Mana cost: 40 >>> 60-80
  • Shield AP scaling: 55% >>> 40%

Aurelion Sol

Base Stats

  • Health per level: 106 >>> 100

Q: Breath of Light

  • Burst proc AP ratio: 50% >>> 40%

E: Singularity

  • AP scaling: 40% >>> 25%
  • Stardust stacks from units dying inside Singularity:
    • Epic Monster: 10 >>> 5
    • Large Monster: 5 >>> 3

R: Falling Star

  • The Skies Descend (amplified R) shockwave slow: 75% >>> 50%