100 Thieves reportedly pick up Bjergsen & keep Closer for LCS 2023

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Bjergsen’s debut year with Team Liquid didn’t give them the international success every player on the team was striving for, so Bjergsen has reportedly moved on to 100 Thieves.

After spending one year as a coach, Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg decided that it was time to get back on stage and continue his career as a pro player.

The move away from TSM was a risky one. The separation of a player from the org that he defined made waves in the LCS community, and it created an incredibly large set of expectations for Bjergsen on Team Liquid.

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After missing both international events in 2022, Bjergsen formally left Team Liquid. Now, it’s been reported that the legendary LCS mid laner will be playing for 100 Thieves in 2023. Additionally, to give themselves an even higher chance of success, 100 Thieves have reportedly held onto Can ‘Closer’ Çelik, the jungler that has been bringing the organization much of their recent domestic success.

Bjergsen reportedly playing for 100T in 2023

Upon leaving TL, speculation ran wild with which team Bjergsen would end up on. There were certainly no lack of LCS teams looking to clean house with their rosters, leaving the mid laner with a ton of options on the table.

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Ultimately, however, it seems that 100 Thieves have settled on Bjergsen. Despite taking second place in the LCS regular season, 100 Thieves’ run at Worlds 2022 was less than impressive.

A report from LEC Wooloo indicates that Bjerg will be trying to bring 100 Thieves the success he wasn’t able to achieve after his first split out of retirement.

This news comes along with another Wooloo report that Closer will be staying with the team. This Turkish player has been one of North America’s strongest junglers since he came to North America, and he’s known for his prowess on big playmakers like Jarvan IV and Lee Sin.

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If this roster news comes to fruition, 100 Thieves could be going into 2023 with one of the strongest mid/jungle duos in the region.

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