Bjergsen leaves Team Liquid, considering LCS and LEC offers

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Bjergsen will be a free agent going into 2023, and that he’s taking offers from both LCS and LEC teams to find his new home.

Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg is a player that has defined the modern LCS. His time on TSM molded him into one of the most tenured, respected, and recognized players in North America.

Team Liquid just barely missed Worlds 2022. While fourth place isn’t a bad place to finish for most teams, the expectations placed on Team Liquid‘s players made anything short of greatness a disappointment. It was clear that Team Liquid would be making some off-season roster changes.

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Hans sama’s departure kicked off the roster changes, and now, early reports indicate that Bjergsen will also be leaving Team Liquid. Team Liquid was supposed to be the next chapter in his journey, but it’s a chapter that has reportedly closed earlier than expected.

Bjergsen leaves Team Liquid after 1 year

With how long Bjergsen’s tenure on TSM was, it’s certainly a surprise to see him back to free agency after only a year with TL. And, even though he’s built his career in the LCS, he’s reportedly not opposed to playing for an LEC team.

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The initial report came from former Upcomer reporter Brieuc Seeger (aka LEC Wooloo).

The fact that the initial report came from someone with internal sources in the LEC would indicate that Bjergsen’s been in contact with LEC teams. Travis Gafford followed up with a report minutes later, seemingly from a different set of sources, that is very similar to Wooloo’s.

The wording in Travis Gafford’s report is a bit different from Wooloo’s and doesn’t outright confirm that Bjergsen is off Team Liquid, but the player has since confirmed his departure from the prolific esports organization.

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