Helldivers 2’s Automatons get more terrifying with flying robots & giant AT-ATs

Brad Norton
Helldivers 2 new enemies

The war against Automatons rages on. The most formidable opposition to managed democracy in Helldivers 2 just added new flying gunships and giant AT-AT-style units to their ranks.

Despite our best efforts to hold the line, Automatons just pushed back in the fight to spread liberty across the galaxy. Although we spread the good word of Super Earth on Malevelon Creek in record time, the enemies have now geared up for their next assault.

While we can’t verify any claims of cloaked ships hovering overhead, and any speculation around such notions is a crime against Super Earth, we have seen a new threat with our very own eyes.

Following the latest update, one that rallied our troops around new weapon buffs, the robots have fought back. They now drop into battle with flying gunships and four-legged AT-ATs. Though don’t lose hope just yet, soldier.

Sneakily arriving as part of the March 2 update, the new units made their presence known right away. Both the aerial assault team and the walking tank emerged on the battlefield at the exact same time, traumatizing the brave and noble Helldivers on the field. May their sacrifice not be forgotten.

The former is known as an Automaton gunship. Much like how flying bugs proved a thorn in our side recently, we now have flying robots to worry about. Though our biggest threat, quite literally, is the enormous AT-AT, known as the Factory Strider, now causing havoc with its rapid-fire lasers and absurd damage resistance.

If it wasn’t for the excellent use of our superior Stratagems, there may be no direct answer for these AT-AT units. Though with a handful of 500kg bombs from our good friends in the sky, Helldivers can put the new units to rest in short order.

This is just the latest attempt from our enemies to gain a foothold in the ever-raging war for freedom. But with Helldivers now reaching greater levels of experience than ever before, these pesky robots stand no chance against us Super Earth defenders.

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