Is Hearthstone Mercenaries single player?

Connor Knudsen
hearthstone mercenaries
Activision Blizzard

Hearthstone Mercenaries is the card game’s newest mode, featuring a whole new way for players to enjoy sitting by the hearth. But, is the new mode single player?

The new Mercenaries mode from Hearthstone officially dropped in most regions on October 12, bringing a whole new way to play the Activision Blizzard card game.

The mode features whole new gameplay mechanics and even some brand new cards to go along with some classics that fans of the franchise will instantly recognize.

For those looking for a viable single-player mode in Hearthstone, Mercenaries may finally be it.

Heathstone Mercenaries
Activision Blizzard
Mercenaries is one of the best single-player experiences that Hearthstone has provided for players thus far.

Is Hearthstone Mercenaries single player?

Yes, the new Mercenaries mode in Hearthstone has a robust single-player PvE, as well as offering PvP options for players wanting to test out their team comps against other players.

The PvE in Mercenaries features bounties that allow players to test their cards against computer camps in fully randomized bounty runs.

This not only helps the replayability of these bounties, but offers players PvE content in Hearthstone that they can truly engage in, too.

Doing PvE will help you to level up your cards, unlock abilities, and get them prepared to go up against others in the mode’s PvP Fighting Pit.

combat roles
Activision Blizzard
Combat Roles in Mercenaries will play a big part in the strategy of building a solid squad, make sure you remember these as you play.

If you are interested in trying out Mercenaries’ PvE, simply click on the Mercenaries icon on the main launcher, complete the tutorial, and then go to the very top of the Village to the Bounty Board to accept and complete bounties.

Make sure you’ve built a team worthy of these bounties in the Tavern in the top left of the village. The tutorial should help players find each of these locations and get started.

Bounties will get progressively more and more difficult as you progress, giving players ample time to familiarize themselves with the mode and get their cards properly leveled. But, the farther you go, the harder it will become.