8-year-old’s custom Hearthstone card design is terrifying

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

An 8-year old Hearthstone fan has created a card concept that is completely ridiculous and overpowered, but players don’t think it would be too far removed from the current meta.

Hearthstone’s ‘Descent of Dragons’ expansion went live on December 10, but after the new cards were revealed, complaints about “power creep” started to pop up.

“Power creep” is the gradual unbalancing of a game due to successive releases of new content – like new heroes in Overwatch, or new cards in Hearthstone, for example.

“I let my 8-year-old nephew design a card!” Reddit user BurtSnurpton said when they shared the design. “It’s adorable what he thinks is balanced.”

The card, called “Cool Minion by Jason age 8” is a nine mana minion whose Battlecry comes with a ridiculous five phases of action.

BurtSnurptonHow many Battlecry abilities does this card need? All of them.

To start things off, the card would summon two 8/8, one 5/4 and three 2/1 minions, all with Rush – meaning they’re able to attack immediately in the same turn they’re summoned.

Next, it would summon an Arcanite Reaper, which is a hero weapon that can deal five damage twice for a total of 10 damage.

If you thought that was crazy, well we’re not even halfway through the card’s battlecry, and after giving players the Reaper, it also adds a random Dragon, spell, and two lackey cards to your hand.

On top of all of that, you also draw a card before dealing three damage to your opponent and healing your hero for the same amount.

Hearthstone players, some of who have been complaining about the apparent “power creep” in the new expansion have sarcastically welcomed Jason’s card with open arms.

“Cool card, but sadly won’t see play,” user xryyyy replied. “Most shamans win by turn 2 from opponent conceding anyway, no need for a turn 9 play.”

The card may have been created by a child, but it actually does a good job of reflecting just how powerful a lot of Hearthstone players feel some cards are in the current meta.

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