How to watch $50k Twitch Rivals Halo Infinite Showdown: Streams, schedule, teams

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Spartan Twitch Rivals Showdown Tournament With Twitch Rivals Logo343 Industries / Twitch

Twitch has announced a loaded Halo Infinite Twitch Rivals event, featuring both former and current pro players with $50k up for grabs. Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.

  • $50,000 split between eight teams
  • Captains chosen from legacy and modern pro players
  • Action unfolds on Monday, December 13

After a long hiatus, competitive Halo is back — and it’s certainly back with a vengeance. Official Halo Championship Series competition is already in full swing, and Twitch has decided to host their own Halo Infinite Showdown as well.

With $50,000 up for grabs, and both former and current Halo pros heading up each team, there’s bound to be plenty of excitement in store. Here’s where you can catch all the action, along with the event schedule and everything else we know so far.

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Halo Infinite $50k Twitch Rivals stream & schedule

The Twitch Rivals Halo Infinite Showdown will take place on Monday, December 13, with the first matches starting at 3 PM EST / 6 PM PST / 8 PM GMT / 9 PM CET.

All the action will take place on the same day and will likely last well into the evening (or the next morning, depending on which time zone you’re in). You can tune into the official Twitch Rivals channel, or watch each participant’s POV, which they’re required to stream.

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Halo Infinite HCS Halo Championship Series Competition Teams Twitch Rivals343 Industries
Twitch Rivals is getting in on the competitive Halo Infinite action.

Halo Infinite $50k Twitch Rivals format & prize pool

The Twitch Rivals Halo Infinite Showdown will feature eight teams, divided into two groups: legacy and modern. The event will also feature two stages of competition: a round robin contest, followed by a final set of cross-group matches.

The robin matches consist of five games each, featuring various Halo Infinite modes and maps, to determine the placements within each group.

Then, each squad will face off against the other group’s team that earned the same placement — in other words, the top-ranked team from the legacy group will play the top-ranked modern team, so on and so forth.

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With a $50k prize pool up for grabs, there’s certainly plenty on the line. How much each team takes home will depend on their group and cross-group results — here’s how the cash will be doled after the dust settles:

  • Group Placements:
    • 1st: $8,300
    • 2nd: $6,300
    • 3rd: $4,200
    • 4th: $2,200
  • Cross-Group Finals:
    • Win: $1,000
    • Loss: $600

Halo Infinite $50k Twitch Rivals teams

At the time of writing, Twitch hasn’t revealed any of the captains or other players that are participating. However, they have confirmed that any partner or affiliate can sign up for a chance to compete, meaning there will be plenty of players available to fill out each team.

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It’s unclear how the captains will select their teammates, but we’ll make sure to update you once we know more. Either way, make sure to tune in at 3 PM EST on Monday, December 13 to catch all of the Halo Infinite Twitch Rivals action.