Best equipment in Halo Infinite: Ultimate equipment tier list

halo infinite grapple shot343 Industries

Halo Infinite has seven pieces of equipment for players to choose between in multiplayer, and our tier list will help make sure you’re going into battle with the best equipment possible.

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer has had popular streamers and pros all hopping on to check out the new 343 FPS title.

With a combination of some classic elements from the franchise and some exciting new additions, the game looks to have infinite potential leading up to its full release on December 8.

This is also true for Halo Infinite’s equipment, which brings in some high-flying new mechanics. So, to make sure you’re slaying with the best of them here’s our ultimate equipment tier list.

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halo infinite spartans343 Industries
Every Spartan will prefer one piece of equipment over another, but there are some that simply stand above the rest.

Equipment in Halo Infinite are things scattered across the map that players will pick up and use throughout the round. Each has its own unique hologram appearance which helps players to know what exactly they’re grabbing.

But, not all equipment is created equal. In fact, there’s a significant difference between nabbing the best piece of equipment out there and the worst.

To help you keep track of the difference, here’s how we rank each one.

Best equipment in Halo Infinite

#7: Repulsor

The Repulsor can no doubt produce some wild counter plays, but it pales in comparison to others available.

What the item does is allow players to push enemies, and certain projectiles, back when they are in close range. It’s probably the best counter to an Energy Sword out there, but still, it’s far too niche to be considered top-tier.

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#6: Drop Wall

halo infinite drop wall343 Industries
The Drop Wall can be the perfect defense mechanism in a tight spot.

Drop Wall is what it sounds like, a small shield wall players can deploy that can be shot through from the backside but not the front. It’s separated into 15 different panels that don’t take much to get through, which makes it more of a band-aid in a fight than anything else.

Again, this one is far too situational to be elite and, unless you just really love walls, should be dropped to favor some others on the list.

#5: Threat Sensor

halo infinite threat sensor343 Industries
Players get access to free wallhacks with the handy Threat Sensor equipment.

When used strategically, the Threat Sensor can be a great piece of utility, highlighting players through walls in an area around where it lands when you shoot it.

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But, knowing where an enemy is located typically comes naturally. If this were CS:GO or Valorant, maybe, but in the fast-moving and high-flying game of Halo Infinite, Threat Sensor feels a bit too slow-paced.

#4: Thruster

The Thruster is really where things start to get interesting. This equipment gives players a quick dash on a horizontal axis, allowing for flashy dodges or even more aggro engages with a shotgun or Energy Sword.

With its versatility and effectiveness in tight spaces, this is one of our favorite pieces of equipment, even if it is edged out by a few others.

#3: Grappleshot

halo infinite grapple shot343 Industries
The Grappleshot can snag just about anything in Halo Infinite, including other Spartans.

While the Grappleshot might not be the best equipment in Halo Infinite, it’s far and away the most fun to use.

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The grappling hook gives players the ability to latch onto anything within a reasonable distance, and pull their Spartan towards it, making for some absolutely insane play potential.

This is the best thing in the game for mobility and has a lot of different options, however, there are two other options that are simply too strong.

#2: Overshield

Ol’ reliable. One of Halo’s most quintessential buffs is the Overshield, which makes its fabled return in Halo Infinite.

This may be the most simple piece of equipment in the game, giving players an extra layer of shields that decays over time. However, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Having extra shields gives you an instant advantage in a straight-up gunfight and has perhaps the most flexibility of any piece of equipment in the game. If you see one of these, snag it.

#1: Active Camo

active camo halo343 Industries
Active Camo is a classic in the Halo franchise and remains just as dominant in Infinite.

A close competitor for the most fun to use and the best objective-focused equipment in the game, Active Camo is the best piece of equipment in the game.

Players using Active Camo don’t appear on Threat Sensors, can shoot their weapons and return to invisibility, and lasts for almost a staggering 30 seconds.

In a game where getting the first shot can be crucial, this is definitely a game-changer.

And there you have it, the best equipment in Halo Infinite! For more Halo Infinite guides, like our ultimate weapon tier list, make sure to stay tuned to Dexerto’s Halo Infinite hub.